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Julz leaves Mineski, joins Ledion Dreamz

With the conclusion of the Pinoy Gaming Festival two weekends ago, fans caught a glimpse of Mineski's Julius "Julz" De Leon playing under the Ledion Dreamz tag and in blue instead of red. Our latest sources confirm that the Filipino carry has left the Mineski organisation.

It was "Nando" who stood in for Mineski during the Summer Assembly along with RR, Owa, Bimbo and Wootz. Despite earlier rumors that the latter was going to leave the team, it seems that it was Julz instead who would break up the Filipino dream team.

Back then, Ledion Dreamz manager Big Dog J made the announcement during his team's first game of the tournament that it was going to be Julz's debut as a member of his team. Yet, no official confirmation was released by the Mineski organisation and things went back to a lull.

Nattefrost, team manager of Mineski, has finally decided to set things straight.

Philippines Nattefrost

"This news is very shocking to us. Before PGF, the Mineski CEO, Ronald Robins called an emergency meeting with the team. He observed that the team is lacking discipline and seems to be forgetting their responsibilities. So he evaluated each one of them and decided who will stay and who will not. This action from the CEO serves as a powerful message to everyone to the team that they should take their responsibilities seriously.

On behalf of Mineski Dota management, I would like to thank Julz for the friendship and achievements that he brought to the team. This decision is very sad on my part but it's time for Mineski and Julz to continue on to different paths."

The team's official replacement has not been announced but the more pertinent question is how Julz's departure will affect the Filipino team, who have already been underperforming in recent competitions.

Will Julz's departure be the final nail on Mineski's coffin?

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