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Quantic Gaming acquire exGosu

Return of Quantic Dota 2. The organization announce acquisition of exGosu for their Dota 2 division.

Quantic Gaming has announced their official new Dota 2 team. The team formerly known has exGosu has just recently been acquired by the organization and will be representing them at Dreamhack in just a few weeks time.

exGosu, although having been dropped by It's GoSu maintained solid performances in their matches even as a sponsorless team. The team put on several noticeable wins in the JoinDOTA Masters along with defeating Keita Gaming for their spot at Dreamhack.

According to GosuBets, exGosu won a solid 20 games in a row before their loss to compLexity yesterday. United States Korok, the team's hard carry player has put on very notable performances with Tiny recently, to the point where people have begged the question of the hero needing a nerf. Canada PAINTITGOLD and United States Solara according to the team will be assuming the roles of Solo laners, whilst United States Mikey will be playing support, and United States LaStHiTMaGiC playing a jungler.

When asked if the team was relieved to have found a sponsor Canada Josh "PAINTITGOLD" Amos had this to say:

Before picking up a sponsor we weren't worried at all. We had been approached by a plethora of different organizations in regards to picking us up. Quantic's rich history and reputation naturally attracted us to them. After having a meeting and going over short and long term goals we knew Quantic was the organization for us. We are not only extremely excited, but also proud we can represent such an amazing organization. We will be training extremely hard for Dreamhack - so look forward to seeing some good games!

Official Quantic Gaming Lineup:
United States Steven "Korok" Ashworth
United States Jung "Solara" Har
United States Michael "Mikey" Wunsch
United States Josh "LaStHiTMaGiC" Price
Canada Josh "PAINTITGOLD" Amos

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