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World Elite replace GoG in GIGABYTE Dota Masters

df52af0a5e3109af99815538d30f9d203a0c1eac50abade50b29d2a0f9.jpgThe Myanmar side Genuineness of Geeks forfeits the GIGABYTE Dota Masters after lack of training time which hinders them to compete at the level required of them for the tournament. World Elite hop in to fill the void.

After three initial losses in Group D of the GIGABYTE Dota Masters, Han Lin "wAr" Oo and his men decide to throw in the towel and give up their spot.

The tournament administration has decided to invite the DotA 1 powerhouse World Elite. The team will start afresh in Group D, with their old WC3 DotA roster, captained by Luo "Luo" Yinqi (photo).

Source: GIGABYTEDotaMasters.com

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