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Team SGC picks up Epidemic

The team of captain Petr 'craNich' Meluzin joins team SGC. The team played under the name of Epidemic for the last months and now rejoins Storm Games Clan.

Team Epidemic tried hard to qualify for Dreamhack Summer recently. In multiple attempts, the path of the Czech and Slovak team always ended in round three of the qualifiers. Although unsuccessful in the Dreamhack qualifiers, they qualified for the next season of SLTV StarSeries, rising from ProSeries. Now the players announce joining their new, old team SGC.

Petr 'craNich' Meluzin and his teammates rejoin the Storm Games Clan, a clan the team had played in before. After a pause from gaming, the team only called itself team Epidemic, but without an organisation in the background. Now, the players are back in team SGC.

Statement from Petr 'craNich' Meluzin:

"We are very happy to be back in team SGC. After our absence, Epidemic was just a name for us, it was no real team, but an opportunity to play tournaments and regain strength. Now we have stabilized and SGC is the best place to be for our team."

Lineup of team SGC:
Czech Republic Petr 'craNich' Meluzin
Czech Republic Martin 'profheadshot' Hála
Czech Republic Daniel 'Offak' Gorol
Czech Republic Jan 'Iacek' Hruza
Slovakia Michal 'Tulex' Zima
Slovakia Martin 'Warlog' Zima

SGC - #sgc.dota2

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