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Top dogs GoSu, DTS share point in GosuLeague PD 3


GosuLeague Division 1 leaders It's GoSu went 1-1 against first runner-up DTS in yesterday's battle. Yet undefeated, the Americans will enter the fourth playday with five points.

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Standings
1. United States GoSu5210
2. Ukraine DTS4120
2. Sweden INFS4201
4. Sweden Keita3111
4. Russia M53111
4. Kazakstan NEXT.kz3111
7. Germany mouz2021
8. Germany EnRo0003

It's GoSu remains undefeated in the GosuLeague. After two victories in the first two playdays (INFS and M5), the third playday saw the Americans go 1-1 versus DTS.

The former Captain Planet team, captained by Theeban "1437" Siva, will go up against their fourth playday opponent EnRo with high morale and a good amount of self esteem.

The German griffins, EnRo, continue to have a hard time in the GosuLeague. Their loss against Moscow 5 meant yet another pointless playday and an even further gap to the top.

In the middle of the standings table, we see Keita Gaming, Moscow 5 and NEXT.kz all at three points, with one win, one draw and one loss each.

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Playday 3
Teamvs.TeamScoreMatch info
Sweden Infused>Sweden KeitaVODs, picks, bans
United States It's Gosu<>Ukraine DTS
VODs, picks, bans
Russia Moscow 5>Germany EnRoVODs, picks, bans
Germany mouz<Kazakhstan NEXT.kzVODs, picks, bans

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Playday 4
United States GoSu vs. Germany EnRoTBA
Ukraine DTS vs. Kazakhstan NEXT.kzTBA
Russia Moscow 5 vs. Sweden KeitaTBA
Germany mouz vs. Sweden INFSTBA

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