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Azen makes it four for Virtus Pro

As expected by many, Virtus Pro today announced Nikola 'Azen' Belyakov as their fourth player. With Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov, Kuro 'KuroKy' Takhasomi and Alexander 'Santa' Coltan, VP is now a four man squad.

The former Nirvana International as well as GGnet team member has decided to come out of his semi-retirement stage to play for the Russian organisation. Belyakov is no stranger to the scene, and has already played with all of his team members in one team or another (Kky in GGnet, Santa in AEON.ru).

In a statement posted on the Virtus Pro Webpage, Belyakov spoke of his excitement to be apart of a established organisation such as Virtus Pro as well as his expectations of the team.

-"I am happy to join a large organization like Virtus.pro and look forward to playing games with my teammates. I believe in the strength of this roster and that we can accomplish many things. Of course, in the beginning it will be very difficult, as with any new team, but I believe we can overcome any of these difficulties."

The roster of Virtus Pro nears completion with just one more member yet to be announced, many believe he will be none other than Andrew 'Dread" Golubev. Official confirmation will however only come on the 10th of May.

Virtus Pro Roster:
Russia Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov
Germany Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi
Russia Alexander 'Santa' Coltan
Russia Nikola 'Azen' Belyakov
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