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ex-GoSu take $650 at joinDOTA Masters VI

The winning moment. (Photo by joinDOTA)

With the return of yet another fresh wave of competition, the sixth edition of the joinDOTA Masters VI came to an exciting conclusion last night with ex-Gosu taking out FnaticRC in two games to nil. They walk away with a well deserved 500€ ($650) in the bag.

FnaticRC were looking for their major break in the Dota 2 competitive scene after their switch over from Heroes of Newerth. With H4nn1's timely return to the team, it could not have looked better for them as they went on to dominate Quantic and NEXT.kz on their way to the finals.

Meanwhile, ex-Gosu (not to be confused with the current Captain Planet roster of It's Gosu), came out strong from their end of the brackets after taking out EG and Mousesports to earn their slot in the finals.

In the end, it was the meticulous and coordinated play of ex-GoSu that gave them the advantage they needed to emerge victorious from the brawl - Korok's performance in both games as Morphling and Storm Spirit deserve a mention here.

The next joinDOTA Masters will be yet another clash between European and American teams set to happen on May 18 to 20. But until then, ex-GoSu will claim their foothold in the sixth Masters title and $650 in cash.

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