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GosuLeague Playday 2: Swedish wipe-out



Our Swedish contenders Infused and Keita Gaming cashed convincing wins against EnRo and NEXT yesterday respectively during our second round of qualifier matches. Catch a recap of all the action that you missed last night.

With this second round of matches past us, unexpected league toppers Gosu find themselves on to a great start with a win over Infused last week and a walkover Moscow Five. Meanwhile, NEXT.kz and M5, initially pegged to dominate the league, now find themselves fighting to stay on par with the rest.

Another team pegged to contend for top placing was Mousesports, who, after yet another draw last night, have to be content with two points and an overall fifth in the league. Despite putting up an excellent showing of grit against DTS last week and Infused yesterday, EnRo now have a mountain to climb should they want to make it in time for a podium finish.

GosuLeague Division 1 \ Playday 2
TeamScoreTeamMatch info
United States GoSu
Russia M5VODs, picks, bans
Europe mouz
Ukraine DTSVODs, picks, bans
Sweden Infused
Germany EnRoVODs, picks, bans
Sweden Keita
Kazakhstan NEXTVODs, picks, bans
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