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HelloMoto, BAFFD through to GosuLeague Season 2


Another 32 teams made their way to the second preliminary for the second season's GosuLeague Division 2. The two finalists, BAFFD and HelloMoto, will after the semi final victories, pass through to the regular season.

The Europe-mix HelloMoto with Serbian captain Se7eN went through, undefated, as one should to qualifiy for GosuLeague. They will together with the German quintet BAFFD move on to second division of the coming season of GosuLeague.

The next qualifier for GosuLeague Division 2 is scheduled for May 9, 16:00 CET. Head over to play.gosugamers.net tomorrow as the registration opens tonight, May 7 at 20:00 CET.

BAFFD's run in the qualifier
Germany BAFFD > Serbia Digimons Wanna Be
Germany BAFFD > United States HALLYU
Germany BAFFD > Portugal Not Found.
Germany BAFFD > Germany Greedy Rainbow Bunnies

HelloMoto's run in the qualifier
Europe HelloMoto > Germany FORTEHLULZ
Europe HelloMoto > Lebanon MounT
Europe HelloMoto > Russia NoThx
Europe HelloMoto > Europe Gimmie 20 dollars

GosuLeague Season 2 Division 2 (2/16)
1. Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming
2. Faroe Islands Dotings2Good
3. Germany BAFFD
4. Europe HelloMoto
5. Other TBD
6. Other TBD
7. Other TBD
8. Other TBD
9. Other TBD
10. Other TBD
11. Other TBD
12. Other TBD
13. Other TBD
14. Other TBD
15. Other TBD
16. Other TBD

The 16 teams will be divided into two separate divisions as the second season begins.


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