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Five jD Masters Tournaments in May and June

Another set of five joinDOTA Masters tournaments will be hosted. Tournaments are split into Europe/America and Asia. First tournament is this weekend.

The first set of five Masters tournaments held by joinDOTA were set at the end of March, featuring all within just eleven days. The new set of another five tournaments will be more relaxed: Every two weeks, there will be one tournament over the course of a weekend.

In each of those tournaments, eight teams will play in a single-elimination bracket. Only the winner takes the prize of 500 Euros. The tournaments 6, 7 and 10 will be for Europe and America, while tournaments 8 and 9 will feature Asian teams. Streaming will be made by Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson.

An opportunity to demonstrate new strength

For the first of the new set of tournaments, the eight participating teams have already been announced. Many of teams have lineups which still have to prove their strengths: Fnatic, with H4nn1 on board once again; Quantic, searching for success now with PlaymatE instead of Link; mousesports, who still hasn't announced the fifth player and even EG, being rumored to announce more roster changes soon.

jD Masters 6
Europe mouzvs.Sweden Infused4 May, 18:30 CET
Europe EGvs.United States xGosu4 May, 19:30 CET
Denmark Quanticvs.Europe Fnatic4 May, 20:30 CET
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzvs.Romania Dignitas4 May, 21:30 CET
Semifinal #1
5 May, 21 CET
Semifinal #2
5 May, 22 CET
6 May, 18 CET

Schedule of joinDOTA Masters:
Masters 6: May 4 - May 6; Europe & America
Masters 7: May 18 - May 20; Europe & America
Masters 8: June 1 - June 3; Asia
Masters 9: June 15 - June 17; Asia
Masters 10: June 29 - July 1; Europe & America

Source: joinDOTA

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