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MystresS: "Eclypsia had no idea about eSports"

The Dota 2 team of Eclypsia makes the reverse roll. Any sponsorship for the Danish team is put on hold, by the players themselves.

Playmate made the first public step: By announcing on his Facebook page, the Dane declared that switching from Quantic to Eclypsia was a failure. It's a new anti-climax in the story of one of the successful Dota 2 teams.

The Danish team around team-captain Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg had taken the bait of an unestablished team. The promise of making Dota 2 their living, the promise of not having to take side jobs was too much for not accepting it. But it was not a reliable offer, which they had accepted.

The contract was not yet signed

Team-manager Gaëlle "MystresS" Pavillon explains: "Eclypsia has then changed their offer every day." From an initial 5,500 Euro offer with low expectations, it changed to a obligatory amount of viewer numbers on the player's streams. The Danes have heard enough now. From SK Gaming to Quantic to Eclypsia they went, now they pull out of the yet un-signed contract, leaving them with a mess. As of now, it is unsure under which banner the team will play from now on. The search for a reliable, stable sponsor continues. MystresS can only apologize to the community: "Even though we do understand the community will find this extremly unstable, our goal is to play and pursuit our passion in the best conditions."

Full statement of Gaëlle 'MystresS' Pavillon:
"Eclypsia contacted us a week ago, promised us 5,500 Euros for salaries and new computers for a total of 10 hours streaming per players and per week. The players decided to accept this offer as it would be life changing and meaning that they could quit side jobs and concentrate on the game full time. Eclypsia has then changed their offer every day passed, making unrealistic demands such as forbidding the use of IRC, generating 5000 viewers on the streams, even retracting the offer of the PC and reducing the amount of money they promised. We quickly realised that they had no idea of how e-sport was working, don't care in the world for the players, and even though we do understand the community will find this extremly unstable, our goal is to play and pursuit our passion in the best conditions."

PlaymatE's Facebook post:
"If anyone want to sponsor me a new computer, i am ready. Since our "sponsor" was just empty talk, and we got overexcited about the "amazing" offer we received, we have discovered there's nothing to it. So we are currently looking for another sponsor. We rushed ourselves into eclypsia, wont happen again, sorry."

Former Eclypsia roster:
Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg (c)
Denmark Martin 'AngeL' Olsen
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
Denmark Brian 'Mania' Strandby
Denmark Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther
Denmark Gaëlle 'MystresS' Pavillon (Manager)

Source: PlaymatE's Facebook post

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