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GosuLeague Season 1 - <br>The Contenders


After eight intense qualifiers, the cream de la creme has been skimmed from over hundreds of registered teams and GosuGamers has been there at every stage of the action providing you with the latest updates on the hits and the misses. So without further ado:

We introduce your contenders for GosuLeague Season 1.

Qualifier #1
United States It's Gosu

INTERVIEW - Celdur: 'We're so excited to play!'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

United States Tim 'PowerNet' Moon
United States David 'Koreya-' Kim
United States Hector 'Demise' Sandoval
Canada Theeban '1437' Siva
United States Todd 'Celdur' Fu
Road to Victory
Round of 32United States It's Gosu>Europe StSt
Round of 16United States It's Gosu>Russia myWin
Quarter FinalsUnited States It's Gosu>Germany grb
Semi FinalsUnited States It's Gosu>Sweden JSPR
Grand FinalsUnited States It's Gosu>Russia NoThx
The Path Ahead

New name, new beginnings

The new team containing ex-Captain Planet players have not seen much action since their victory at our first GosuLeague qualifier in early April. The move by It's Gosu to acquire Captain Planet came after they decided to drop their previous roster, citing 'unresolvable internal issues'.

It should be interesting to note, however, that It's Gosu are the only non-European team in the main season for GosuLeague and with competition for top place tighter than ever, the Americans will have to learn to adapt to playing on unfavorable server conditions (just ask the Australians).

Qualifier #2
Germany Mousesports

Fnatic's NightEnD (SC2) with Paisy at The Gathering 2011, Norway

INTERVIEW - Paisy 'We went through the grid convincingly'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Netherlands Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj
Netherlands WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen
Norway Vizar 'twiSta' Zymberi
Germany Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi
Germany Georg 'Fire' Krug
Road to Victory
Round of 32Germany Mousesports>Russia Prior
Round of 16Germany Mousesports>Serbia IKwT
Quarter FinalsGermany Mousesports>Russia DD.team
Semi FinalsGermany Mousesports>Bulgaria esG
Grand FinalsGermany Mousesports>Germany grb
The Path Ahead

To sing or not to sing

Mousesports have been performing phenomenally as of late, defeating European powerhouses Counter Logic Gaming at The GD Studio Arena and NEXT.kz at The Premier League, both in best of three matchups. Furthermore, it seems that the temporary addition of KuroKy have worked wonders for the German squad, who managed to claim victories in most of their recent matches and earning their team an invitation for Dreamhack this summer.

'Even though the lineup is packed with some of the best teams from Europe and America, I think that our odds for reaching the top 3 are quite good. To bring some light into our current roster situation, we will release an announcement within the next days and present our official lineup!' says team manager Paisy. Expect to see Mouz entering the season in full force.

Qualifier #3
Sweden Infused

Fishbone, Doni, Mini, Reesion, Wagamama

INTERVIEW - Mini 'We will show no mercy!'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Sweden Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström
Sweden Hampus 'Mini' Olsson
Sweden Jerry 'Doney' Lundkvist
Sweden David 'Reesion' Jansson
Sweden Olle 'Fishbone' Sjöland Thulin
Road to Victory
Round of 64Sweden Infused>Belarus PR
Round of 32Sweden Infused>South Africa BASH
Round of 16Sweden Infused>Sweden Gam
Quarter FinalsSweden Infused>Ukraine AP
Semi FinalsSweden Infused>Hungary J4S
Grand Finals[Sweden Infused>United States coL
The Path Ahead

Just another Swedish team?

The Swedes have made a mark for themselves in the European Dota 2 scene, a scene which has, for the most part, been dominated by teams from the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, etc). With Counter Logic Gaming leading the pack, Infused follow closely behind with their occasional sparks of brilliance earning them wins against top teams like DTS and NEXT.kz.

Infused's Mini later had this to say about Mousesports: 'We have played against Mousesports many times and they are a really great team.' While the team would not be our favorites to top the league this season, we believe that they are definitely capable of pulling off upsets against powerhouses such as Moscow Five with league matchups being best of one.

Qualifier #4
Kazakhstan NEXT.kz

Mantis, LuCky, eQual, 13eaR, R_O_N_I_N

INTERVIEW - eQual 'We simply tried our best'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Kazakhstan Andrey 'eQual' Railyan
Kazakhstan Yernar 'Mantis' Urazbayev
Kazakhstan Daniyar 'LuCky' Kassenbayev
Kazakhstan Roman 'StOrm' Khaziakhmetov
Road to Victory
Round of 32Kazakhstan NEXT.kz>Other (bye)
Round of 16Kazakhstan NEXT.kz>Jordan LOST
Quarter FinalsKazakhstan NEXT.kz>Europe [?]
Semi FinalsKazakhstan NEXT.kz>Bulgaria esG
Grand FinalsKazakhstan NEXT.kz>Sweden 4FC
The Path Ahead

The perennial powerhouse

For as long as competitive Dota 2 has taken centerstage in Europe, NEXT.kz has been around to challenge the teams at the top, while never really claiming the spot for themselves. This has been more so given their recent form, where inconsistency has been the name of the game.

'There are a pair of candidates we are considering for replacement, but I can say nothing right now,' eQual told GosuGamers, as we started to postulate reasons for their recent form. There were not many, and the possible 'limbo factor' left after RONIN's departure could be the source of inconsistency. NEXT.kz, however, may just show up this Wednesday looking stronger than ever.

Qualifier #5
Germany EnRo

INTERVIEW - Crush 'We want to prove ourselves against top teams'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Austria Aaron 'Crush' Marik
Germany Eduard 'EDE' Birkle
Denmark Jonathan 'Unicornxoxo' Arge
Germany Christian 'Slap0r' Pticek
Germany David 'Crydasia' Landmesser
Road to Victory
Round of 64Germany EnRo>Europe nWo
Round of 32Germany EnRo>Jordan LOST
Round of 16Germany EnRo>Panama tSr
Quarter FinalsGermany EnRo>Finland FM
Semi FinalsGermany EnRo>Sweden 4FC
Grand FinalsGermany EnRo>Germany grb
The Path Ahead

Underdogs, if only for awhile

Quiet teams always have the potential to surprise - this is true for EnRo, whose climb to the top of our fifth qualifier showed us that determination and grit could prevail over the lack of big 'player names'. Their relatively young history, however, could play against their advantage when challenging stable and experienced opponents like DTS.

'I only fear the Russians and the Ukrainians' was the call from EnRo's captain Crush, who pinpointed DTS and M5 as teams who are 'unpredictable in all aspects of the game'. This sentiment would later be echoed by Keita or even DTS themselves, showing Moscow Five as the team to beat during the season's premere on Wednesday.

Qualifier #6
Russia Moscow Five

V1lat with PGG at D2SC

INTERVIEW - PGG 'We prefer drafts that dominate lanes'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Russia Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov
Russia Vadim 'bloodangel' Trushkin
Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Russia Dmitrii 'Inmate' Filinov
Russia Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev
Russia 'McDeath'
Road to Victory
Round of 32Russia Moscow Five>Other (bye)
Round of 16Russia Moscow Five>Jordan LOST
Quarter FinalsRussia Moscow Five>Europe [?]
Semi FinalsRussia Moscow Five>Bulgaria esG
Grand FinalsRussia Moscow Five>Germany BAFFD
The Path Ahead

The PGG factor

If there is one thing Russian DotA has taught us, it is this - never doubt PGG. The man has led teams of all colors and sizes against seemingly insurmountable odds, putting Na`Vi on the edge of their seats twice on LAN - once successfully at last year's Dota 2 Star Championships, and the other attempt last weekend at the recently concluded StarSeries finals in Kiev, Ukraine.

Despite having the worst overall statistics preceding the LAN finals, their first runner's up placement in Kiev has been and would definitely be a huge boost to team morale as PGG and co prepares to take on a new wave of competition at this season's GosuLeague.

Qualifier #7
Ukraine DTS

PGG, Funn1k, McDeath (Photo by Prodota.ru)

INTERVIEW - Funn1k 'Our main opponent will be M5'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Ukraine Artur 'Go[blin]' Kostenko
Ukraine Andrei 'Mag~' Chipenko
Ukraine Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov
Ukraine Andrei 'Allwayswannafly' Bondarenko
Belarus Maksim 'Jackal' Doroschenok
Road to Victory
Round of 64Ukraine DTS>Russia 5D
Round of 32Ukraine DTS>Germany #777
Round of 16Ukraine DTS>United States LzH
Quarter FinalsUkraine DTS>Sweden 4FC
Semi FinalsUkraine DTS>Denmark Quantic
Grand FinalsUkraine DTS>Europe mTw
The Path Ahead

An illustrious legacy, or heavy burden?

DTS and the phrase 'overcoming the odds' have always seemed interrelated after the legacy left behind by their 2010 squad. Their recent performance, however, speaks less about a legacy of dominance and perfection and more of a team struggling to find rhythm and consistency after the departure of key players.

Alas, their recent defeats at the hands of Keita, Mousesports and Infused foreshadow difficult times ahead for the Ukrainian squad who will be facing the same teams in the main season of GosuLeague.

Qualifier #8
Sweden Keita

bonzajajaj and Pinoy

INTERVIEW - bonzajajaj 'We came out as winners'
PROFILE @ Play.GosuGamers.net
BRACKETS @ Play.GosuGamers.net

Sweden Mathias 'bonzajajaj' Andersson
Finland Niclas 'Niqua' Westergård
Sweden Dante 'Wall-eater' Rönnlund
Sweden Alexander 'PiNoY' Flores
Sweden Björn 'QuiX-' Granström
Road to Victory
Round of 32Sweden Keita>Europe jMc
Round of 16Sweden Keita>Europe D2G
Quarter FinalsSweden Keita>Russia zNation
Semi FinalsSweden Keita>Europe mTw
Grand FinalsSweden Keita>Denmark Quantic
The Path Ahead

In Keita they trust

Keita Gaming have done well to serve the name of their sponsors. Picking up respectable wins against DTS, Complexity and Absoulute Legends in the SLTV ProSeries, the team looks set to bring their sponsor's name to greater heights this season of GosuLeague.

bonzajajaj was also quick to call out Moscow Five as his favorites for the StarSeries finals and by extension a tough opponent for GosuLeague. Being 'a big fan of the Russian playstyle', he looked forward to the comeback of vigoss in Dota 2 in the meantime, anticipates the clash between Keita and Moscow Five.

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