The Premier League Week 2 Wrap-up

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 30 April 2012 14:30
In a slightly shortened second playweek of The Premier League, while most eyes were trained on Kiev Ukraine we saw just three and a half matches. As a result, the teams have played a different number of matches resulting in a slightly skewed table.

League Table
upgreen.jpg1Europe mTw 2/02
dwnred.jpg2Sweden CLG 1/01
dwnred.jpg3Russia Darer 1/01
-4Germany mouz 1/01
upgreen.jpg5Ukraine Na`Vi 1/01
upgreen.jpg6United States coL 1/11
dwnred.jpg7Romania Dignitas 1/11
upgreen.jpg8Kazakhstan NEXT 1/11
dwnred.jpg9Europe FnaticRC 0/10
-10Russia M5 0/10
dwnred.jpg12Sweden Infused 0/20

In our first match of the week we saw Romanians Team Dignitas fall 1-2 to NEXT. This leaves both teams on a win-loss ratio of 1 to 1, which sees them in 7th and 8th spots based only on alphabetical order.

mTw recorded their second win with a 2-0 victory over the Swedes from Infused, propelling them to the top of the table with 2 points from 2. Innovative picks like Pugna and Viper helped secure the win as SyndereN and co. bounced back from their 4PL defeat to M5 in style.

Quantic, who just yesterday announced a switch of sponsors to Eclypsia (see) fell 2-0 to the Americans in Complexity. The return of Playmate was not enough for the Danes as the Americans utilised an aggressive Spectre in both games to earn their first win of the season.

Lastly, Moscow 5 lost the first game of their best of three series with mouz. Mouz were again without Finnish duo Trixi and Rexi as KuroKy and Twista again stepped in. The match will be played out 2 days later.

Next week sees a busy schedule at the end of which we will have all teams sitting on 3 games played each. It starts off with mTw up against Darer tomorrow, followed by Eclypsia versus FnaticRC a day later. Fans will get to see the much anticipated match which did not happen at the Star Series finals on the 6th of May, as Darer will face Na`Vi to wrap up the week's action.

Premier League organisers have also released a brand new trailer for its second season:


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