mouz adds Twista and Fire

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 03 May 2012 12:08

mouz, then known as EBIN at Star Championships.

Mousesports has announced changes in its roster: Visar "twiSta" Zymberi returns to the team after a short absence and George 'Fire' Krug joins the squad. The Fins Trixi and Rexi, as well as DeMeNt leave the team.

The German based clan mousesports evolves his Dota 2 squad with more weight on its home country. Zymberi returns to mouz after leaving a few months ago when Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj joined the team. Krug, a veteran of the Dota scene keeps the home-country element for the German Organisation. They will join WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen and Faraj, with a fifth player yet to be announced.

Statement from Visar 'twiSta' Zymberi:
"It is my great pleasure to announce that I am once again reunited with two of my great friends in the Dota world, Sing and Bamboe. Also coming into the mousesports family together with me is none other then Georg 'Fire' Krug. I am also very sad to announce that Trixi, Rexi and DeMeNt will no longer be a part of us and I wish them the best of luck on their new adventures whether it is in Dota or in real life. It was a blast for me to play together with such energetic and fun guys during my time in mouz. But sadly all good things come to an end. The team spirit and commitment just wasnt there anymore for them, along with some internal conflicts among the players really didnt help either.

After being aproached by mouz regarding the issues and being able to make a comeback it wasn't a hard decision for me at all and the answer was instantly yes. Given such an opportunity, I was forced to make changes and I believe these changes are for the very best for us and our organisation. We have played with Fire in the past and I can only say good things about him and it will be a pleasure to work with him in the future."

This lineup change is also relevant for the GosuLeague Division 1, for which team mousesports has qualified. Despite playing with this line up for quite some time already, the first official match of the new mouz lineup will be against Ukrainians Na`Vi in a few hours time.

New mousesports lineup:
Norway Visar "twiSta" Zymberi
Netherlands WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen
Netherlands Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj
Germany Georg 'Fire' Krug

Source: mousesports