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Playmate: 'Our long term goal is to simply win'

Playmate (behind) at WDC, China, his last major LAN event
(Photo by GosuGamers)

After a period of inactivity following his stint in Evil Geniuses, Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija is back to competitive Dota 2 with Eclypsia. He will fill in for Link as the fifth player in the full-Danish roster. Interestingly, he describes his new partnership with Eclypsia as an up and coming 'force to be reckoned with'.

A fan of the Russian playstyle, Playmate admitted that while Na`Vi may be dominating the current Dota 2 scene, he is definitely 'hoping [that they] can change that'.

He remained humble with his goals to achieve that, however. To start small and in the short term, Playmate looks 'to establish a stable team with synergy and discipline, and to connect with each other' and since his teammates were already 'players of high calibre', winning would come in due time.

With the familiarity between the players already working to his advantage, Playmate looks to secure a 'mutual agreement with Eclypsia', a 'new strong organization' that will definitely look to carry his achievements to greater heights. His message for his supporters?

'Get ready!'

The complete interview by Eclypsia is available at the following link.

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