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GosuLeague Division 2 opens its qualifiers this Wednesday


With the start of the main season for GosuLeague set for 1st May, a second division will kick off at the same time to decide the teams which will be playing in the amateur division for Season Two. Our first qualifier will begin this Wednesday, 2nd May, at 16:00 CET.

For teams who failed to qualify for our first season of GosuLeague, fret not as Division 2 will be your ticket up to the primary division in the following seasons. Division 2 will contain two sub-divisions, with eight teams in each. The same rules will apply from our first wave of qualifiers, but the battlefield will be a different story.

Registrations will start at 20:00 CET tomorrow, 30th April, so be sure to claim your spots if you have not as the first qualifier will have a team cap of 32 teams.

As usual, teams are required to check in before the start of the tournament at 16:00 CET and they can do so as early as two hours before the tournament begins, but no later. Participating teams should also have at least one representative on IRC (Channel: #gosuleague) with their team-tags as their nickname.

Introducing GosuLeague Division 2 - do you have what it takes?

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