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Moscow5 knock out Darer to reach Star Series lower bracket final

Darer are out of the Star Series finals. In an all-russian first loser bracket round, Moscow5 turned out to be too strong and will get to keep their chance of reaching the grand final alive in tomorrow's showdown.

Russia Moscow5
broodmother venomancer crystal maiden earthshaker death prophet
Bulgaria Darer
natures prophet chen sandking leshrac vengeful spirit

Game one, that should later emerge into a real thriller, saw aggressive hero compilations on both sides. Darer conveyed their wish to push towers early in the draft through their first choices Natures Prophet and Chen. A circumstance that left M5 with enough time to take countermeasures. Following their first pick Broodmother, the Russians later responded with Earthshaker as well as Death Prophet to secure them an edge for the late game, as well as additional pushing power for their own attacks.It was on G and PGG to take on the physical damage dealing for their teams.

Most fights turned out incredibly close and entertaining to watch, due to the never-ending spell effect fireworks unleashed by the countless casters. After a back and forth battle of two minutes at Roshan's pit, Darer managed to pull ahead and were at one point only a step away from destroying four barracks. Having always kept the score close however, Moscow5 had enough ressources to place much needed tank items onto Death Prophet, which turned her into the deciding carry. Following a failed gank onto her from Leshrac and Sand King, that turned out deadly for both, Moscow5 suddenly gained momentum and did what Darer almost could have done. When the first barracks on the Dire's side fell, the will to win broke and Moscow5 won the game.

Bulgaria Darer
natures prophet sandking queen of pain windrunner enchantress
Russia Moscow5
dark seer leshrac enigma anti mage crystal maiden

Going into the second game, Darer once again put their main emphasis on gaining gold advantage through destroying towers, which worked out well at first. During the messy fights of the first 15 minutes, one could clearly observe the lack of concentration that infested Darer's performance like a virus desease.

The breaking moment of the match occurred at minute 21 when Moscow5 decided to take on Roshan. Willing to engage onto the busy Dire heroes as five, the smoked Darer players turned visible too early and got caught in a clutch Black Hole by PGG. Together with Dark Seer's Wall of Replica and Vacuum spells, no Radiant hero left the battlefield alive. The following push by Moscow5 turned significantly easier, after three heroes were taken out one by one. Darer had already lost at that point, even though the they remained playing until a last battle that didn't improve their situation either.

Moscow5 will therefore get another chance to play for the first Star Series championship. Their opponent tomorrow will be the loser of CLG versus Na`Vi.

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