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CLG move on to Star Series winner bracket final

Counter Logic Gaming will face Na`Vi for a slot in the Star Series grand final. The Swedes earned their part after beating Darer two games to one. Moscow5 and Darer will get one more chance to stay in the tournament, by winning in the lower bracket ahead of the winner bracket final tomorrow.

Sweden CLG
invoker venomancer queen of pain sandking bounty hunter
Bulgaria Darer
enchantress windrunner riki storm spirit lich

Viewers of the first game could observe a thrilling battle that started well for Darer, but got turned around by sustainable playing Swedes, whose Bounty Hunter carried them through mid game, not least because of his ultimate ability Track. CLG as Radiant had fallen slightly behind during the first 15 minutes. NS as Lich dedicated his efforts to his fellow mates entirely, spending the beginning phase stacking creeps for G, whilst not picking up any experience. He should later stay alive for 45 minutes without dying a single time. This lead to early core items for the Darer solos G and Santa. First-named obtained a Blood Stone, while Santa got his hands on a Mekansm, despite having laned bottom against two to three opposing heroes.

During the mid game however, CLG's Bounty Hunter by MiSeRy evolved to the most valuable hero. His Track-ability not only revealed the opponent's main carry Rikimaru as well as smoked heroes, the evoked movement speed further let them dodge arising danger effectively. The bonus gold deposited when taking out tracked heroes finally, turned the Swedes' economical disadvantage around and let them pull ahead after 45 minutes. Only one successful clash proved to be enough, to destroy four barracks shortly followed by Darer's resignation call.

Bulgaria Darer
chen beastmaster vengeful spirit leshrac shadow fiend
Sweden CLG
invoker dark seer venomancer queen of pain enigma

Going into the second game, the Russians seemed eager to make it fast one. Known for his Chen since classic DotA times, Dread got to use him again and pushed - together with Vengeful Spirit and Leshrac - bottom lane up to the Dire's base. G in the meantime laned the only dps-carry on the map, Shadow Fiend, mid against Loda's Queen of Pain. Even though CLG got off to a 2-0 in kills, due to effective roaming by Venomancer, the aggressiveness applied by Darer lead to as many successful counterattacks plus gold from destroyed towers.

Once all field towers were gone and the Swedes could defend from the safer high ground of their base, things started to get better for them. Despite winning five versus five, which also made them tie the score, Darer kept distance in terms of gold advantage. Having not chosen a carry similar to Shadow Fiend, turned out to be game breaking for CLG, who, in the following fights, were not unable to deal the damage required to win fights. Once G reached sufficient strength, decisive clashes in the opponent's base were won and the series tied. Darer had prolonged the match into a deciding game.

Sweden CLG
leshrac vengeful spirit venomancer sandking broodmother
Bulgaria Darer
beastmaster enchantress anti mage shadow demon queen of pain

The first minutes of the final game could not have been worse for Darer. On top of giving the first kill away, Akke's Venomancer further managed to take out the Dire's courier, after careless micro by the Russians. What followed was an uncontested victory march by CLG. Even tough ArtStyle's Anti-Mage was left with room to farm and got to a Battlefury quite soon, the main initiator Santa (Beastmaster), as well as the entire support crew got picked off several times and filled the Swede's pockets up to a 14,000 difference after 20 minutes. After Artstyle and G joined their companions on the other side more often, all hell broke lose for Darer, who, after a disappointing last performance, were left with no other option than resignation.

This will enable CLG to play Na`Vi for a slot in the Star Series grand final tomorrow. Earlier, Darer will face M5 in an all-Russian duel to remain in the tournament.

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