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Crystal: 'Theres no point crying over spilled milk'

357, FCB at SMM 2011

When EHOME announced the return of three of their former players in 357, KingJ and Dai, there were mixed feelings among many DotA players. On one hand happy for the return of EHOME, but at the same time, many wondered what would happen to CLC, and to their two remaining players Shen 'SJQ' Jiaqi and Ye 'aWoke' Liang.

We bring you a translated SGamer interview with the founding member of CLC, Shen 'SJQ' Jia Qi, also known as 'Crystal' and 'FCB', discussing his future as well as the future of CLC DotA.

Thanks for accepting this interview, why don't we start of with a short introduction?
-"Hi everyone, I'm Shen JiaQi, SJQ, also known to many as Crystal /FCB"

After all thats happened, you still have a smile on your face.
-"Haha of course, one must remain upbeat no matter what."

A few days ago EHOME announced the return of three players, 357, KingJ and Dai, all of whom were from CLC, the team you formed at the beginning of the year. How did this news affect you?
-"At first, I was really upset and angry, but eventually I accepted their decisions as I understood their rationales; having a prestigious name, plus another 60,000 RMB, even though our practice sessions have been going well, only a fool would turn that down. These days I'm busy trying to learn how to make videos, what goes into a good DotA video, so I hardly think about it anymore."

The number of Pro-Players turned commentators is on a rise, and you've already had experienced commentating at the G-1 League, looks like you have had this plan in mind for quite some time?
-"We have to earn our own living, being not academically qualified, at the moment I would be lost if I left the e-Sports scene. Furthermore I have a passion for e-Sports and of course my fans."

You were also an EHOME player in the past, this time round did they extend an invitation to you to return?
-"No, they did not. When I knew they were only going to take 3 players, I sort of guessed I would be one of the two left behind."

At the moment EHOME is missing a fifth, a carry player, would you care to guess who they might take?
-"I asked 357 this question before he left, and he declined to comment, only saying that the player was known in the scene. I asked, could it possibly be B-God BurNing? He laughed and declined to comment further. On my way home I pondered further and decided BurNing would never leave DK, ZSMJ would not go either, the only one left would be the player who played together with me when we went to Germany. Of course this is just my speculation, nothing is for certain and I can't really be bothered."

Is CLC's DotA division going to be dissolved?
-"When I left I had a chat with the boss, recruiting players was going to be extremely tough. But I could see that he didn't seem pleased with disbanding, I feel maybe they could regroup, but as of this moment there is no choice but to disband."

CLC's original roster

You left WE to form the team with your friends, working hard to find a sponsor, practice Dota 2, but find yourself in this sticky situation, do you regret your decision to leave?
-"No, there is no point crying over spilled milk."

After they reformed EHOME have set their sights on Seattle, on The International. You were of course part of the team that came in first runners-up, does losing your team mates also mean losing the chance to compete for 1 million dollars?
-"You could probably say that. The whole world is looking forward to The International, but I don't think EHOME will do as well as last year, they would have to train more than the 16 hours a day we trained last year."

Quite a number of people have pointed fingers at the recently appointed EHOME coach DC and manager 71 as the people behind the transfer. How is your relationship with them, and how do you view their actions?
-"They are both leaders of EHOME, but I rarely talk to DC, just the occasional question about commentating. As for 71, I have spoke with him just once after the WuXi cup.

As for their actions, in my opinion they were way out of line and immoral. If they wanted to rebuild EHOME, why did they not do so at the start of the year? Why wait until our team has been created then poach our players, its just too unreasonable. As for the players, EHOME promised to return them the 60 000 RMB in winnings from last years International, and they accepted that makes me sort of look down on them, but I can still understand the reasons behind their decision."

Looks like you have had your fair share of experiences in your long career, which team left the deepest impression on you?
-"Probably Dream, because it was the team I put the most thought in, but eventually we all went our separate ways for various reasons. Sigh, let bygones be bygones."

If you had another chance to form a team, which four players would you pick?
-"357, Dai, KingJ and 820."

Thanks for accepting the interview, any last words?
-"Thanks the SGamer for this interview..."

SGamer - Source

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