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Patch Updates HUD and Item Icons

The last beta patch in April brings no new hero. Noticeable changes only affect designs, bots and bugfixes.

April 25 patch is a small one. Alongside Brewmaster being implemented to captain's mode, no chances for heroselection have been made. Last time a patch did not bring new heroes, the random draft has been enabled.

This time, the lack of heroes is compensated with a graphical update to the game. Many item icons have been updated, mostly giving them a more plastic look. Also the HUD has been adjusted, now giving a large button for Glyph of Fortification and adding a new button for courier control. This button also shows the couriers next stop.


Patchlog excerpt:
- Added Brewmaster to Captain's Mode
- Fixed non-hero units like Spirit Bear breaking smoke of deceit.
- Fixed Burning Spear counter being reset by BKB.
- Fixed illusions stealing Magic Stick/Wand charges from the owner.
- Fixed a new bug with Riki's Blink Strike causing it to not attack right away.
- Fixed True Form / Druid Form being cancelled and interruptable.
- Fixed attack FoW reveal to happen when an attack fires off, rather than when your animation starts.
- Fixed bug that would sometimes cause move commands or abilities to execute at odd times.
- Fixed bug where DotaTV director would stop directing in the last minutes of the game.

- Item Icon have been redesigned
[We plan to continue update these over the next few weeks, please give us your thoughts in this forum (http://dev.dota2.com/forumdisplay.php?f=353)]

-Some heroes will now call out to allies they encounter in the field during the early phases of a game.

- New in-game HUD.

Source: Steam

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