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357, KingJ, Dai join EHOME

Team EHOME grabs three former CLC players. 357, KingJ and Dai leave Canis Lupus Campestris after one month. Fourth player is PCT, fifth player yet unknown.

EHOME partially reforms the successful 2010 lineup. Three players from team CLC make their return to EHOME. This has been announced on EHOME's microblog. Back in 2010, 357, KingJ and Dai were part of the 10 championship winning team of EHOME.

Team CLC disbands after just one month without any significant wins. 357, KingJ and Dai are joined by PCT at EHOME. No fifth player has been announced yet. Whether Awoke and Crystal will get new teammates is also unclear for now.

Lineup EHOME:
China '357' Yao Yi (C)
China 'KingJ' Zhou Yang
China 'Dai' Lei Zengrong
China 'PCT' Zhang Miaolong

China 'dclxjdc' Dong Can (coach)

Source: EHOME's microblog

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