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Funn1k: 'Our main opponent will be M5'

PGG, Funn1k, McDeath (Photo by Prodota.ru)

From eSahara to DTS, Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov will be looking to carry on his sponsor's reputation in DotA to Dota 2. In an exclusive interview with GosuGamers, Funn1k discusses his team's win at GosuLeague Qualifier #7 last Saturday and more.

Congratulations on winning the seventh qualifier last night. Playing for DTS now, what can you say is different from your days at eSahara?
-"Thanks, the difference is in terms of captainship - Goblak is a better captain than my previous."

In what way is he a better captain?
-"He has a different playstyle, and knows how to coordinate the team well."

I see. Your current sponsors have an illustrious history dating back to their 2010 DotA days. When people talk about your team one year from now, what would you like them to say?
-"I would like them to be talking about our current roster - I'll feel good when people say stuff like 'DTS 2010 Comeback!' etc. *smiles*"

What would be the biggest 'comeback' for your team then?
-"Winning the International - in reality, all top teams would prize this as the biggest 'comeback'. *smiles*"

In that case, do you have any plans for a bootcamp?
-"I think so, but not in the near future. If we manage to get invited or qualified to a big LAN tournament, our organisation will see that we bootcamp to prepare for it."

Are you looking forward to that? What was the first impression you had about your curent teammates (Goblak, Mag, Alwayswanna, Jackal)?
-"Yeah, I'd want to go for bootcamp. I know all my other teammates for two years now except for Jackal, so I knew what it was going to be like when I transferred to DTS."

How would you rate the top three teams right now?
-"Na`Vi, Darer, and well, maybe CLG."

The main league will be kicking off next wednesday, 2nd May. How are you feeling going into GosuLeague? Which team will be your toughest opponent and why?
-"We are feeling really good and set for top place - there are not many teams we consider strong. I think our main opponent will be Moscow Five."

GosuLeague: Qualifier VII

Europe mTwUkraine DTS
broodmother clinkz chen
lycanthrope invoker tinker
pugna juggernaut
shadow shaman queen of pain
natures prophet lone druid enigma
leshrac windrunner enchantress
earthshaker storm spirit
tidehunter death prophet
enigma syndereN (Mid)
lone druid Funzii (Top)
storm spirit Sockshka (Bot)
natures prophet 7ckingMad (Jungle)
earthshaker Kebap (Bot)
enchantress FreeWinneR (Jungle)
tidehunter ALWAYSWANNA (Top)
death prophet Bone&Alone (Mid)
windrunner M!! (Bot)
leshrac RaTStar (Funn1k) (Top)

In almost all of your games last night, Invoker and Lycanthrope were your first two bans. Are these heroes too overpowered or is your team unprepared to play against them?
-"We have trouble playing against these heroes in about half the games we play, so we ban them!"

I noticed that your team occasionally picks single target heroes like Clinkz and Bane. With most of the emphasis on teamfights nowadays, what do you think makes these two heroes still viable for drafts?
-"These heroes are actually strong at all phases of the game. Plus, many teams just do not expect their appearance in the drafts. Bane or Clinkz can also easily dominate his lane later on."

Lone Druid hasn't seen much success in the European scene especially in the finals game against mTw last night. Why do you think this is so?
-"Well, taking last night's match for example, we made sure that he couldn't get up decent farm and started pushing hard early on so he would not be able to get his Radiance or Assault Cuirass in time."

Krobelus got ganked at mid a couple of times early on yesterday with the help of Prophet in the game against mTw. Did you expect mTw to run Enigma at mid? What are your thoughts about that solo mid Engima?
-"It was actually the first time I came across a solo middle Enigma in recent games. He can dominate his lane and push well. I would say it's a pretty solid choice."'

We've seen you play Leshrac a couple of times. What is your favorite way of playing the hero?
-"I like to play him with Bloodstone and Boots of Travel, where you can just hit your 'C' and 'V' keys (Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova) and just run around the enemy heroes - after a few seconds they all die!"

I have a couple of short questions to close the interview - your favorite CIS player?
-"Ukraine Dubas!"

Most imbalanced hero skill in Dota 2 right now?
-"Invoker's Ice Wall."

Next hero you would like added to beta?

Alright, thank you. Any last shoutouts?
-"Shotout to my friends and our sponsor DTS.Chatrix. Thanks GosuGamers for the interview."

Ukraine Artur 'Go[blin]' Kostenko (C)
Ukraine Andrei 'Mag~' Chipenko
Ukraine Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov
Ukraine Andrei 'Allwayswannafly' Bondarenko
Belarus Maksim 'Jackal' Doroschenok

DTS vs mTw, Grand Finals

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