The lord of the North: Thorzain crowned Dreamhack Stockholm champion

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 23 April 2012 00:16


Marcus "Thorzain" Eklöf came back from a 0-1 score against Polt to eventually defeat him 3-1, claiming the crown of Dreamhack Eizo Open Stockholm and the 70,000 SEK that go with it.

This is the second time Thorzain makes it to a DH finals as last year he reached the last round of Valencia Invitational but losing it 2-3 to DongRaeGu. This Sunday, however, sees a different outcome as the Swede ploughed through Cytoplasm, Socke, Monster and Polt in the playoffs and grabbed the Stockholm gold with a total of 15-2 in day two.

Thorzain is also the first ever Swedish player to win a DreamHack event and the first European champion since Naama's victory at Dreamhack Winter 2010.

Next on event's schedule is DreamHack Summer in June 16-19 in Jönköping, Sweden.

DreamHack Stockholm Standings
1. Sweden Thorzain, 70.000 SEK
2. Korea Polt, 40.000 SEK
3-4. Netherlands Ret, 20.000 SEK
3-4. Korea Monster, 20.000 SEK
5-8. Sweden Sjow
5-8. Korea Genius
5-8. Poland Nerchio
5-8. Germany Socke