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PGG: 'We prefer drafts that dominate lanes'

V1lat with PGG at D2SC

Moscow Five finished a perfect run last Wednesday at the sixth qualifier of GosuLeague, an imminent forecast that they will be the team to beat when the league kicks off in May. Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov sits down with GosuGamers in a short interview regarding his experience in Moscow Five so far.

Congratulations on your team's win at our sixth GosuLeauge qualifier last night. How were yesterday's games in general for you?
-"Well, we didn't manage to come across a serious opposition."

It was not too long ago when you left DTS for M5. How do you feel now? Are you satisfied with your current team and sponsors?
-"Yup, we have been a part of Moscow Five only for a month now, and so far, so good."

PGG + 4 has commonly been used to describe your teams over the year. Apart from your current roster, which 'plus four' is your favorite roster to date?
-"My best experience so far was in Rush3d."

What can you tell us about your current team?
-"We had a boot camp which was the first occasion where all five of us gathered together. Prior to that there were no complications, both in-game and while casually communicating."

Alot of teams are training hard towards The International this year. If you win the million dollars, what would you spend it on besides vodka?
-"Money is [the root of all] evil! I will spend it all partying as soon as I get it."

We saw you playing Tinker a couple of times for M5 during the bracket. Why did your team choose to run a side lane Tinker with a support hero in the woods rather than the usual mid?
-"Just like IceFrog, when he was choosing a location for Roshan - I lane him however I want."

In your opinion, what would be the most important aspect about running a successful Tinker?
-"Follow the usual skill build, and don’t level up March of The Machines as soon as possible (see)."

GosuLeague VI

Russia M5Germany BAFFD
venomancer anti mage lone druid
invoker lycanthrope natures prophet
dark seer broodmother
chen enigma
tidehunter crystal maiden night stalker
queen of pain windrunner earthshaker
puck death prophet
storm spirit shadow demon
death prophet plzgogame (Bot)
night stalker vVv (Mid)
tidehunter McDeath (Bot)
crystal maiden ss (Mid)
puck B100DAnGeL (Top)
windrunner Buraydah (Bot)
storm spirit fahu (Mid)
queen of pain Fata (Top)
shadow demon Lunetrix (Top)

In the finals last night, your team's middle lane of Night Stalker and Crystal Maiden did extremely well against Storm Spirit and Shadow Demon, scoring 4 kills before the first Night phase.

What is your team's standpoint on running dual lanes at mid? Is it more towards defensively babysitting a weak melee mid hero or more about aggressively dominating the opposing hero at mid?

-"Hmm, you can’t really separate it like that. Dual lanes at mid are meant to fulfil both purposes."

What are some of the heroes that your team currently enjoys drafting in your lineups? How do they fit in with M5's playstyle?
-"We prefer drafting aggressive heroes that can dominate lanes."

Lycanthrope, Lone Druid, Brewmaster - will we see your team pick up any of these heroes soon? How do you think their introduction will affect the European metagame?
-"Our picks are situational, so it is a matter of whether they would fit in a particular draft.

I have a couple short questions to close the interview - your most respected individual in the CIS region?
-"Smile and Vigoss."

Favorite hero in pubs?

1v1 Pudge with Chuan - who will win?
-"Silly question!"

M5's motto in less than five words?
-"You better ask Dima Brave (M5's dd1ms).

Thank you. Any shoutouts?
-"You are welcome. Shoutout to our fans. Good luck with life!"

Russia Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov (C)
Russia Vadim 'bloodangel' Trushkin
Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Russia Dmitrii 'Inmate' Filinov
Russia Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev
Russia 'McDeath'

M5 vs BAFFD, Grand Finals

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