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Orange Esports signs sponsorship with ASUS


ASUS Malaysia announced the sponsorship of quintet Orange Esports in a press release today.

Dota 2 Malaysia Invitational champion and runner-up squad of Razer Dota2 Tournament, Orange, can add the motherboard makers to their list of sponsors, a sponsor stable that already include the likes of CoolerMaster, Kingston and Razer.

In a two-month old interview with joinDOTA, Orange eSports Managing Director Frank Ng mentioned how they have been working on finding salary sponsorship for the team. Ng also stated that one of their main objectives for 2012 was to get salary sponsorship.

- "We are working on salary sponsorship for the team. We are currently talking to Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, but alas, all did not work out. Indeed, one of our main objectives in 2012 is to get salary sponsorship for the team. One of Orange eSports three-year objectives is to get government grant to pay the team a salary," said Frank Ng back in February.

What numbers the ASUS sponsorship mean for Yamateh, WinteR, Mushi and the others was not disclosed in the press release.

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