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Brewmaster joins the mix for Dota 2 Test

In a patch update hinted by TobiWan after his first day at Valve's offices in Seattle, Brewmaster is the latest hero to be added to Dota 2 Test, just as the previous addition, Lone Druid, is brought into the pool for Captain's Mode.

Already anticipated by many fans including CyborgMatt to be the next up and coming hero, Brewmaster spells yet another metagame shift with his release into normal Dota 2 next week.

Brewmaster is added into Dota 2 Test along with gameplay updates like improved Requiem animation for Shadowfiend and a new pause notification for games. CyborgMatt lists new material in greater detail over at his patch analysis.

Without spoiling the fun, check out CyborgMatt's prediction for next week's hero as well as his analysis of the current patch update at this week's article here. The full changelog can be found at the following link.

Steam - Changelog
Cyborgmatt - Patch Analysis

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