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A guide to hotkeys and macros by Team Dignitas

Refine your Dota 2 gaming to a new level with Team Dignitas' latest publication on setting up your hotkeys and macros. The brief but informative article by Dignitas' Derek Gutierrez details all you need to know to get the best out of your Dota 2 settings.

The article starts out with a discussion about the usage of legacy keys versus basic QWER bindings while also covering more in depth functionalities such as the use of Quick Buy and Sticky Purchase.

It then goes on with implementing macros which would allow players to combine a long key of commands such as ordering your courier to pick up stashed items and transfer them to your hero as well as sending your courier to your team's secret shop - all in one click. However, whether this would be permitted in tournaments remains another matter altogether.

The guide is recommended for new to mid-skilled players who have yet to discover the full potential of getting your settings right in Dota 2. Check out the complete version by Team Dignitas here.

Team Dignitas - Original Article

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