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Ryze: 'My dream is to beat Na`Vi and DK at TI 2012'

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From SK Gaming to DD to Quantic, the Danish team has established themselves as one of the top European powerhouses after a string of strong albeit inconsistent performances. 'I'm not afraid of anything,' asserts Christoffer 'Ryze' Borregaard, who look set for big things this year with his team Quantic Gaming.

As a regular follower of the Chinese scene (and apart from being spotted lurking around the forums here at GosuGamers), Ryze is but one of many eager spectators hoping to see the rise of the Chinese teams this year in Dota 2.

While admitting that nothing is to be feared, he is still 'looking forward to playing against a well-prepared DK and the player he's most afraid of is Zippo.' Ryze may just be right, with recent tournaments such as the Gigabyte Dota Masters and joinDOTA masters featuring a host of Chinese teams. 'I hope the Chinese teams can live up to their DotA legacy.'

Aiming to beat 'Na`Vi in the semi finals and DK in the finals of The International' this year, Ryze admits that his team still has a long way to go before they can reclaim their lost footing in the competitive scene. Their dip came after a busy month of March where most of his team members went their separate, busy ways.

'Every team is making mistakes all the time and the team that can abuse their opponents mistakes the most, wins,' explains Ryze, who is more than eager to get back into the game.

'Everyone wants to beat Na`Vi. I simply want to beat Puppey & ArsArt!'

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