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Keita Gaming picks up youBoat

Shooting to fame after the release of their eponymous movie last year, youBoat has been a competitive staple in the European scene, despite failing to make a big impact among the top tier contenders. Keita Gaming has announced their pick up of the Swedish team after deciding to forgo their previous roster.

Sweden Rasmus ’ins8t’ Sandström

"We in Keita-Gaming are very proud that such a great team as youBoat decided to join us! We were very dissapointed when the last team decided to quit gaming as we truly believed in them. But now that youBoat has decided to join us we feel great and confident in this teams capabilities.

This team is a Top-Class team! And they are motivated and they know that you have to practice hard to reach our and their goals."

Björn 'QuiX' Granströmhe, the only remaining player from the original Keita roster, is confident about his new teammates and hopes for better changes as 'the players in the current team are a lot more engaged in the Dota 2 scene'.

Problems which plagued the previous roster will hopefully disappear with the arrival of the new Swedish team, who are, according to QuiX, 'very skilled players and have great communication'.

It remains open-ended whether this new roster will be able to match up with the likes of Swedish powerhouse CLG and Team Infused, but the team will definitely look to make their debut soon.

Sweden Mathias ‘bonzajajaj’ Andersson
Sweden Niclas ‘Niqua’ Westergård
Sweden Dante ‘Wall-eater’ Rönnlund
Sweden Alexander ‘PiNoY’ Flores
Sweden Björn ‘QuiX’ Granström
Sweden Janne ‘poi’ Liu

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