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Mouz claims The GD Studio's 'The Arena' after 2-1 over CLG

Mousesports managed to overcome Counter Logic Gaming in a best of three series for GD Studio's The Arena, and clinched the $1,000 USD prize.

CLG vs. Mouz Game 1

Sweden CLGGermany mouz
tidehunter enchantress windrunner
lycanthrope chen natures prophet
riki tinker
dark seer earthshaker
invoker leshrac enigma
venomancer shadow shaman beastmaster
sandking broodmother
vengeful spirit anti mage

Game 1
In the opening game of the series, CLG, with a line-up consisting of Invoker, Leshrac, Enigma, Sand-King and Broodmother, faced of with Mousesports' Anti-Mage, Shadow Shaman, Beast Master, Vengeful Spirit and Venomancer roster.
Worth to note was that Mouz had Twista, Fire and fan favorite Kuroky complementing their roster.

CLG tried from the very first minutes to establish their lane domination while setting up ganks with a constantly roaming Sand King and Enigma accompanied by Invoker's Global Sunstrike presence.

While Mousesports in the first minutes of the game had Sing, playing as the Shadow Shaman, holding his middle lane and winning in creep stats over Pajkatt's Invoker, both top and bottom lane were lost.

Brood mother on the top lane managed to overcome Kuroky's Anti-Mage and keep him pretty low CS wise, while Loda's Leshrac with Sand King and Akke's Enigma, managed to push through the bottom lane. CLG extended their lead by managing to bring down 4 towers by the end of the 12 minute mark and thus increase their gold lead and reduce Mouz's "comfort" area.

From then on, CLG forced team fights, while Anti-mage was still "low" in terms of farm and pushed their way through Mouz's base by the end of the 28 minute mark.

CLG vs. Mouz Game 2

Germany mouzSweden CLG
chen invoker anti mage
lycanthrope natures prophet tidehunter
sandking enchantress
tinker crystal maiden
windrunner enigma broodmother
venomancer leshrac dark seer
earthshaker riki
morphling shadow shaman

Game 2
In game 2 the tables were turned the other way around. Mousesports decided to pick Enigma, Broodmother, Windrunner, Earthshaker and Riki, while CLG drafted Morphling, Venomancer, Leshrac, Dark Seer and Shadow Shaman.

This time around, mousesports managed to force their pace during the early
game, while Kuroky's Riki was farming and joining the rest of his teams to pick up enemy heroes.

Mousesports managed to control and choose the fights while having their key items up versus an underfarmed and underleveled CLG squad. By the 15-minute mark Mousesports had a 14-2 kill advantage, with Riki being an unstoppable force at the time with an early Diffusal Blade, while Brood Mother and Enigma split-pushed on the other lanes.

By the 22 minute mark Mousesports managed to force a fight, took down CLG's heroes and claimed the racks and the victory with a final scoreboard of 25-2.

CLG vs. Mouz Game 3

Germany mouzSweden CLG
chen invoker anti mage
lycanthrope natures prophet riki
sandking venomancer
tinker enchantress
tidehunter broodmother shadow shaman
windrunner enigma leshrac
dark seer viper
slardar destroyer

Game 3
Game 3 was the most "close" game of the series, with both teams fighting it straight from the beginning. CLG this time had a late game oriented line up and drafted Wind Runner, Leshrac, Enigma, Slardar and Outworld Destroyer while mousesports picked Tidehunter, Broodmother, Shadow Shaman, Dark Seer and Viper.

While CLG managed to control Mousesport's Broodmother during the first minutes of the game and even claimed their tier 1 top tower by the fifth minute mark, their middle and bottom lane didn't run as smoothly.

Mousesport's Tidehunter along with Viper with their double slow effect, managed to pick up kills throughout the first minutes and at the same time, opened up space for Broodmother and Shadow Shaman to push down the lanes. By the end of the 15 minutes, Mousesports led with 13-6 and had a 4 to 2 towers advantage.

CLG though managed to strike back and in an amazing clash that occured by the 17 minute mark in the area around their middle tier 2 tower, Mirakel managed to pull a huge four-man Blackhole, accompanied by Outworld Destroyer's ultimate, and managed to claim the fight 5-0 and claim Aegis as well.

Despite the momentum that CLG was starting to build, Mousesports focused their efforts towards CLG's base and engaged in some critical fights, coordinated and executed nicely while keeping Mirakel out of position thus leaving CLG without blackholes.

CLG tried to hold their ground but by the 47 minute mark the GG was called, with a final scoreboard of 37 to 33.

The GD Studio's The Arena - Grand Final: CLG vs. Mousesports

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