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M5 in Star Series playoffs instead of It'sGoSu

It'sGoSu is not able to make it to the Star Series offline finals in Kiev this month. Because of this, Moscow Five replaces the American team in the playoffs.

Two weeks preparation time for a trip from United States to Ukraine, that is a tough timetable. Too tough for It'sGoSu at the moment, as it seems. The American team has confirmed to the Star Ladder officials, they won't be able to attend the offline finals. It'sGoSu qualified as fourth place.

Instead of It'sGoSu, the playoff spot has been awarded to Moscow Five. The Russian team had the same score in the main round as team dignitas, but in round seven, M5 beat dignitas 1:0. Because of this, M5 is the next-best team and will accordingly go to Kiev for offline finals.

This is the second replacement of It'sGoSu by M5 within four days. Previously, the officials of The Premier League decided to replace the Americans by M5 for their second season.

Winner Bracket Semi Final
Ukraine Na'Vivs.Russia M5
Russia Darervs.Sweden CLG

Source: Star Series

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