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Nova: 'We are confident and our expectations are high'

Crowned as one of the best teams in Heroes of Newerth history, Fnatic have big shoes to fill after they announced their switch to Dota 2 a few weeks ago (see). 'There's a lot to learn and I am still bad at the game,' Jascha 'NoVa_' Markuse admits, among other things, in a sit down with Fnatic about their transfer to Dota 2.

When asked to compare the two games, Markuse believes that the biggest difference lay in the pace and gameplay of the game, which 'put emphasis on totally different aspects', an almost counter-intuitive impression 'considering both games are from the same genre'.

Nevertheless, he remains confident that his team will be able to repeat the success they had over in HoN, stating that the 'motivation and dedication are present and I dare say, so is the skill'. He later insisted however, that 'competition [was] fierce and anything less than 100% [wouldn't] be sufficient'.

Markuse was later prompted to make a prediction about the future success of Dota 2, to which he followed by saying that:

"The top of eSports will be crowded with cellphone games. Small, spectator-unfriendly games such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Dota2 have no chance to get anywhere near their level."

While some may question the sincerity of his prediction or even the labelling of titles like StarCraft 2 and Dota 2 as 'small, spectator-unfriendly games', it nevertheless was a response to WCG's decision to go mobile-only this year (see).

Ultimately, Markuse returned the focus to his team and insisted that their main goal 'lies on creating a stable team' and any other efforts, including The International (which he described 'all about the big numbers' and something which he would have ran differently), had to wait 'before [they're] able to win them.

For the full interview, check out the original article by Fnatic here.

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