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mTw absorbs WW players

Three former players of Western Wolves join syndereN's new mTw lineup. Also Kebap is now officially a mTw player. WW disbanded due to "instability issues".

mTw now officially includes a majority of the Western Wolves players. After already playing for mTw and WW vice-versa with the same lineup, it was already assumed that syndereN was about to add Western Wolves players to his lineup.

According to Western Wolves, the french lineup disbanded due to being "unable to solve their roster's instability issues." Three of the players, Sockshka, 7ckngMad and Funzii now join team mTw. Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen remains team captain, but his former team members Tulex, Bentzer, Grunt and pepp3 leave mTw's roster. Fifth player alongside the Danish syndereN and the three French players is the German Rene 'Kebap' Werner.

mTw's new lineup:
Denmark Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen
France Titouan ‘Sockshka’ Merloz
France Sébastien '7ckngMad' Debs
France Thibault 'Funzii' Calonne
Germany Rene 'Kebap' Werner

Western Wolves's former team-manager Fabien "ShiBa" Turgis:

"We are very happy of our stay with WW. It's a great team with a great staff! We have decide to join MTW because we judged it as a great opportunity for us as individuals. I am very thankful for all people who followed us and all the things that were done by WW. We will miss you! I hope WW will continue with DotA2 in the future and maybe we can meet you at a LAN tournament soon. Good luck to your lineup and the team. Shoutout to Florent and Alex too!"

Source: mTw, Western Wolves

With this roster change mTw will take Western Wolves spot in The Premier League.

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