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Crush: 'We want to prove ourselves against top teams'

EnRo took the fifth spot in GosuLeague after convincingly winning last night's qualifier. Demonstrating that they have what it takes to contend with the best, team captain Crush introduces his team's goals for GosuLeague and his team in a GosuGamers exclusive.

Hello Crush. Let our readers know more about you. How is Aaron Marik like in real life?
-"Hey, I'm 19 years old and work as a cook. I have also played in a basketball club for five years but now I spend most of my free time focusing on Dota 2, my team and my girlfriend."

If you had to choose one hero to describe each of your teammates, as well as yourself, what would you choose and why?
-"*laughs* Okay, EDE would be Spiritbreaker (a cow) since he always sticks to his opinion and no one can change it.

Crydasia would be Kunkka since he is very shy but if he says something, it's right and he is a very calm person.

Unicornxoxo would be Riki because he is a ninja!

Lunetrix would be Butcher because he is eating whenever I talk to him

I don't like to describe myself but Naix would fit me since I like to rage!"

Nice answers - I understand that your team is a relatively new one. What are some of EnRo's goals for the year?
-"Yes, we are quite new. We have been playing together for about three months and taken part in some competitions since about the first month. We just want to compete in as much invitational tournaments as possible and prove ourselves against top teams."

In that vein, what would be your proudest achievement to date?
-"Winning the GosuLeague Qualifier. *smiles*"

Compared to the four qualified teams (Captain Planet, Mousesports, Team Infused and NEXT.kz), your team is relatively unknown. Do you think that will work to your advantage? What are your thoughts going into the league in May?
-"Being unknown is not always bad in my opinion since teams simply don't know us. We can watch them in a lot of other tournaments and they dont know anything about us. Yes, I would even call that an advantage.

Well, we are playing a lot versus other good teams but so far only in scrims so we are happy to participate and be able to face them in official matches."

GosuLeague: Qualifier V

Germany GRBGermany EnRo
chen lycanthrope tidehunter
lone druid invoker natures prophet
sandking dark seer
broodmother enchantress
windrunner beastmaster vengeful spirit
leshrac crystal maiden morphling
venomancer anti mage
night stalker shadow demon
windrunner I THINK I SPIDER (Top)
vengeful spirit hly (Bot)
anti mage rmN- (Mid)
venomancer koik (Mid)
beastmaster paS (Bot)
night stalker crusH (Mid)
leshrac BALAZS (Bot)
shadow demon Crydasia (Top)
morphling unicornxoxo (Bot)
crystal maiden Lunetrix (Bot)

During the finals yesterday, you played a Night Stalker at middle lane against a Venomancer and Antimage, who were able to apply a decent amount of pressure on you during the first day phase.

Was it the team's plan to sacrifice Night Stalker at mid and what was your team's overall strategy for the early and mid phase of the game?

-"Well I think we outpicked and outlaned them, and yes it was our plan. We won the top lane because of amazing play by Crydasia and we had Morphling/Leshrac/Crystal Maiden against Beastmaster and Vengeful Spirit who got pressured a lot more than I got on the midlane (you can't pressure the mid hero out of experience range but you can do that on the side lanes) and I farmed pretty good after the laning phase so everything worked out as we planned."

Your team was able to get a 10k gold advantage by 18 minutes. Was it purely outpick and outlane or were there specific instances or fights which went well for your team?
-"It was both. We also just took the fights better than they did and we were able to just push their towers really fast while they just had one tower all game and couldn't really put any pressure on us."

Should they have laned Venomancer and Antimage somewhere else? How would you lane their lineup?
-"Well, I think they predicted our triple lane to be top, but in general if you dual lane you have to put the duals versus the solo lanes and Windrunner versus the triple. That could have changed a lot if they can shut down Shadow Demon with two heroes."

Congratulations once again on your relatively easy win against grb last night. I have a couple of short questions now. Favorite team (beside's yours)?
-"Mousesports, but my heart is bleeding for 777."

Next hero you would like to see in Dota 2 beta?
-"Pandaren Brewmaster; he just perfectly fits into the current metagame."

How so?
-"He is very hard to kill. He can push very well in his Ultimate form without any fear because you can't really shut down all three Pandas when the other team pressures your tower or when you are fighting them. He is also very tanky and you can lane him everywhere - mid against another melee or as the triple lane carry or even at a dual lane. I also hope that some other heros get picked again to counter him (Doom Bringer, for example)."

Hardest skill to pull off in Dota 2?
-"Kunkka's Ghost Ship. It's very hard to use the full potential of that spell."

Your favorite hero in pubs?
-"Pudge - hook them! *smiles*"

Thank you for the interview - any shoutouts?
-"Shoutout to EnRo for their support, souljah, monster, Junthepowerhead, DeMeNt, Team Replika, and of course 777.DOTA!"

Austria Crush
Germany EDE
Germany Crydasia
Denmark Unicornxoxo
Germany Lunetrix

grb vs EnRo, Grand Finals


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