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It'sGoSu claims 4th place in Star Series

Moscow Five has failed to secure the last qualification spot for Kiev offline finals of Star Series. It'sGoSu are through to playoffs, as both dignitas and M5 have lost their final games.

The loss of M5 against Western Wolves has sealed the deal for It'sGoSu. The American team has nine wins on their account. dignitas failed to achieve its ninth win in the final match against CLG while M5 lost its last three games against PR as well Quantic and WW today. Because of this, It'sGoSu has one win more than dignitas and M5, securing fourth place in the main round.

This completes the four teams for offline playoffs in Kiev: Na'Vi, Darer, CLG and It'sGoSu. Na'Vi, all-killing the whole field, going with a 15-0 record into the finals, is definitely the favorite team. Darer is second, playing in first game of the playoffs against Team Counter Logic Gaming, which is regardless of the outcome of the match agains dignitas in second place. Fourth place with a first game against Na'Vi is taken by team It'sGoSu.

Will It'sGoSu make it to the finals?

Nonetheless, it's not yet confirmed if the American team will make the trip. It's a short time until the finals in Kiev from 26th to 29th of April. With 2.000 US-Dollar guaranteed for the fourth place, it should be worth it for It'sGoSu. First place secures a total of 6.000 US-Dollars. If It'sGoSu really pulls out, either dignitas or M5 would replace the team, depending on who wins the respective last match.

Winner Bracket Semi Final
Ukraine Na'Vivs.United States It'sGoSu
Russia Darervs.Sweden CLG

Source: Star Series

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