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GosuLeague Qualifier #5


Yet another weekend of high intense Dota 2 action awaits us as GosuLeague continues with its fifth qualifier. Down to just four slots, tonight's participating teams will be on the edge to claim their spot in the league, proudly hosted by GosuGamers with partners TwitchTV, Sapphire and Roccat.

The Kazakhstan team NEXT.kz found their sweet ending last Wednesday after almost sixty minutes of fighting back a deficit which finalist 4FC was able to establish early in the game. The game was later uploaded in our VoD's database and deemed RR-worthy. Check out what eQual had to say after the game (see) as well as what you may have missed in a play by play recap (see).

It looks like it's amateur season tonight with Power Rangers standing out as the only recognized name from the pool. The bracket once again has been expanded to sixty four teams and we may just witness a rising powerhouse from today's brackets.

However, for the rest of us looking to enjoy high quality games tonight, be sure to head on down to our official live stream provided by inhouse caster Kevin 'Purge' Godec.

Meanwhile, registrations for our sixth qualifier will open tomorrow, 15th April, at 18:00 CET. Refer to the following link for more information.

EnRo successfully claim the crown after emerging top out of sixty four teams which participated in our fifth qualifier and defeating grb in the grand finals. VoDs for the matches have already been uploaded at our VoD section.

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