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GosuLeague Qualifier #4: the clash of NEXT.kz vs 4FC


In the fourth qualifier for GosuLeague, team NEXT.kz managed to beat team 4FC (4 Friends + Chrillee) in the finals to qualify for the main league of GosuLeague. This analysis probes deeper into what exactly transpired last night during the finals.

GosuLeague Qualifier IV

Sweden 4FCKazakhstan NEXT.kz
anti mage beastmaster lycanthrope
invoker dark seer natures prophet
vengeful spirit shadow shaman
enigma broodmother
leshrac enchantress sandking
tidehunter windrunner riki
queen of pain bounty hunter
crystal maiden storm spirit
queen of pain lalk (Mid)
enchantress bom (Jungle)
sandking eresloco (Top)
leshrac stranby (Top)
bounty hunter Dirichlet (Bot)
riki eQual (Top)
tidehunter 570 (Top)
storm spirit Mantis (Mid)
windrunner 13 (Bot)
crystal maiden asd (Top)

The Pick/Ban Analysis
"In a flash, the heavy guns are taken out." Anti-Mage, Lycanthrope, Broodmother, Invoker Nature's Prophet, Enigma, Shadow Shaman, Beastmaster, Vengeful Spirit and Dark Seer feel the ban-hammer. Anti-Mage has been one of the big carries, while Lycanthrope, Broodmother, Furion, Invoker, Enigma and Shadow Shaman all have huge mid-game power. All these heroes are similar in that they are glass cannons who provide easy pushing lanes along with decent DPS and team-fight power. Enigma, Invoker and Shadow Shaman got great levels of disables, so here we can deffinetly see the intention of preventing fast pushing from both teams. Vengeful Spirit was banned as one of the most common picks for the supporters and Beastmaster whose control of runes are well known was also removed from the pick pool, followed by the banning of Dark Seer as well - one of the most powerful solo laners.

With fresh picks like these, it was very difficult to state that a team had outpicked another.

Laning Analysis
As we can see, Queen Of Pain was sent on the mid lane against Storm. The Radiant team sent their triple lane top, including Leshrac, Sand King and Enchantress, but the latter was more in the Jungle then on the lane itself. On the other side, the Dire team has sent their triplw lane also to top, including Riki, Crystal Maiden and Tidehunter. And finally, on the bottom we had 2 heroes struggling for the farm, Bounty Hunter against Windrunner. The question is, was it smart to leave Bounty Hunter alone against Windrunner? I guess we will find out soon.

Important Events
Early Game - 0:00 to 13:00
4FC Team is going as five to the Dire's forest looking for the opportunity of first blood. At 00:20 they spotted a lone Riki there and he was easily taken out, so first blood went to the Queen of Pain. Gold from the first blood brought an early advantage to her on the mid lane. She already had a bottle in the first minute of the game, so Storm Spirit had a harder job to endure her spamming of spells.

Meanwhile at the bottom lane, Bounty Hunter is trying to outfarm the Windrunner. Windrunner is doing a bit of harassing to the Bounty Hunter with one of the best nuke spells in the game - Powershot. At the moment, they stand equal at the number of killed creeps, so Bounty Hunter tried to get more levels and skill Shadow Walk in order to harass Windrunner with Jinada damage.

On the triple lane, Sand King is only trying to get some expirence and he is not engaging anything at the moment, while Leshrac is trying to get some creeps killed and denied. Enchantress is just jungling as usual, while Crystal Maiden and Tidehunter are trying to make farming comfortable for the Riki as much as they can, while they were dewarding the Radiant's ward which was blocking the creeps to respawn at the pulling camp. They faced a bit of problem finding the ward, but eventually they managed to take him off. Here we can see a good strategy of Crystal Maiden, farming the small camps with the creep waves and getting a bit of gold along with experience.

At the fourth minute, Enchantress ganked the mid lane with Centaur and Ursa, providing the QoP one more kill. Storm Spirit is dead.

04:50 - we can see a 'fail' gank by Crystal Maiden on the mid lane, Queen Of Pain killed the Storm Spirit once again, but it will also cost her her own life.

06:50 - Leshrac and Sand King finish Crystal Miaden off at the top lane, so the Radiant side is owning with 1000 gold advantage so far.

07:00 - 08:00 - we can see a lot of action on all lanes. Firstly, Riki is going down on the top lane, with Leshrac taking one more kill. Then, Enchantress is ganking the Bottom lane and killing Windrunner, and right after Leshrac and SandKing are getting one more kill on the top, Tidehunter is dead.

10:00 - there is one more gank on the Storm Spirit and he goes down.

11:00- the Dire team get much needed kills. Sand King and Bounty Hunter are finished off.

And as we are slightly going to the mid game, Queen of Pain takes one more kill at the bottom lane forcing Windrunner to go 'back' to the fontain.

Mid Game - 13:00 to 33:00
Bounty Hunter is starting to roam around with Shadow Walk, so he catches Crystal Maiden alone and gets one more kill.

Minute 15:00 brings a lot of action. Almost the entire Dire team, with Riki still farming on mid, is pushing the top lane and ganking the Radiant's trio on the top. Enchantress and Sand King easily go down, but Leshrac manages to survive. TP's are coming down, and Bounty Hunter and Queen Of Pain are now there a swell, making a come back for the Radiant side. Riki is TPing as well to the top while Queen Of Pain picks off Tidehunter. She is continuing the chase with Crystal Maiden but she manages to survive with 50 hp. Queen Of Pain dies carelessly to Storm.

At 16:40 the Radiant Team is taking a second tower, so it's now 2 - 1 in towers for the Radiant side. They took mid/top towers and the Dire Side took only the bottom tier 1 tower.

17:35, Queen Of Pain is ganked off though it required 4 heroes to take her down. She is very tanky at this point of the game.

19:00, Windrunner is farming at the top, but meanwhile at the bottom lane action is starting off. It's 4 vs 4, with Enchantress there as well. Sand King releases his Epicenter before going down, with the first kill going to the Dire. But then Queen Of Pain arrives followed by Leshrac, with triple kills going to Leshrac and one to the Bounty Hunter. 4-1 in this fight for the Radiant. This fight was folled by Radiant taking the bottom tier 1 tower .

20:44 - Sand King is farming solo bottom and got ganked by the Dire.

24:00 - Sand King purchased his Blink Dagger.

26:00 - one more team fight goes in Radiant's favour 2-1.

26:50 - Roshan falls to the Radiant and Bounty Hunter picks up the Aegis. But the Dire team came in and wiped the whole Radiant team out. Riki is the only casualty from the Dire side.

29:00 - clashing of both teams once again at the middle of the map. 3-3 is score after the battle, and the rest of the heroes on both sides have very low hp.

At 32:30 we can see a big comeback by the Dire side after they took 4 Radiant heroes out, with only Queen Of Pain managing to get out because Riki got disconnected. This prevented him from using Smokescreen to make her unable to blink away. Only Crystal Maiden is dead on the Dire side.

Late Game - 33:30 to END
After the long pause because of Riki's disconnect, the Dire team just TPed out and they were back farming at all lanes, while the Radiant was still respawning.

At this point we can see that the main item in this game is Black King Bar, and there were already a few heroes from both sides who managed to get this item, and some were still in a process of farming it up.

36:30 - big fight is incoming at the top lane. Leshrac goes down fast, but he bought back immediately. Windrunner takes Enchantress out and goes down as well. With Leshrac coming back, Riki also gets killed. Storm Ball Lightnings in and takes out Bounty Hunter and Sand King, and narrowly escapes with just 20hp.

Untill 40:50 it was a 'quiet' period, but then the Dire team starts going for Roshan.

Now all teams are back to farming again, with Bounty Hunter picking up the Gem, dewarding now and hunting for the Riki with his item build. He has Battlefury, Black King Bar, Desolator, Power Treads and Medallion so far.

44:00 - Riki goes down on the top lane, so Aegis is gone. But the Radiant team is backing off after they took only the Aegis from of Riki, so Riki returns to farming.

We can see at this point of the game that the Dire side has two Scythe of Vyses so that is potentially a huge advantage in team fights if used at the right time. There are already six Black King Bars on both sides.

44:40 - action is back. Storm Spirit balls in and forces a teamfight. Enchantress, Leshrac and Riki are down followed by Crystal Maiden, Bounty Hunter and Windrunner. Queen Of Pain is now chasing Storm who's at very low hp. But there is Hex casted on Queen Of Pain which turned the gank around and Storm escapes out alive - great play by Storm Spirit.

The Radiant side now has one Hex as well with Leshrac purchasing the Scythe of Vyse.

We are now at minute 48:00. The Radiant team is looking for the engage and they are at the higher ground. Sand King goes in with the Epicenter and the blink. Windrunner and Crystal Maiden are down. But a great Smokescreen by Riki and the entry of Storm turned the battle around. They managed to get four kills from the Radiant side and triple kill goes to Riki. Queen Of Pain is only hero alive for Radiant at the moment. So it was 3-4 for the Dire.

51:35 - Bounty Hunter gets caught at the Radiant jungle and he is down. This cost a tower for the Radiant side as well as a loss of the Gem on Bounty Hunter.

The Dire takes away the bottom barracks on the Radiant side. But they are still chasing Radiant's heroes to their fountain, and this will cost them a lot. Storm and Riki are dead. The top tier 3 tower is gone as well, but Bounty Hunter is cleaning away the creep wave and preventing baracks from going down. But he had to buy him back into the game.

55:30 - the Dire are looking to kill Roshan once again, but the Radiant are near and waiting for their opportunity to jump in.

56:40, Roshan falls to the Dire. The Radiant team has to back off because the creep wave at top lane was too large, so they had to defend their baracks there. Riki has the Aegis.

The Dire are pushing the mid tier 2 tower and they take it out without any resistance from the Radiant side.

57:40 - one more epic fight in the middle of Radiant's base. Dire gets two kills, but Bounty Hunter manages to run away with 100 hp. The top baracks are down by now, followed by the tower on the mid as well. The Dire are heading for the mega creeps. It seems that almost everything is over.

At this point, Queen Of Pain and Bounty Hunter buys back and manages to hold off the Dire side. The Dire are forced to retreat. The pair rushes for the middle lane and Queen Of Pain buys up a Divine Rapier.

The Radiant is now pushing as five at the mid lane, while some of Dire heroes are dead and unable to buyback. Crystal Maiden and Storm go down. Dire manages to kill Bounty Hunter and now Radiant has to back off because their throne was under attack and someone needed to defend it.

We are at minute 65:00 and it seems that the final battle is incoming at the middle lane. Riki gets taken down quickly, but he buys back. The battle is not over and Riki immediately TPs over after buying Boots of Travel. He initiates Manta Style and rushes for the throne. Leshrac tries to defend, but is unable to do so.

The Glyph is gone - the Dire win.

This was a fairly epic game. 4FC are a relatively unknown team that came close to winning but lost due to their impatience.

All credit should be given to the victors, and I think it was the crucial moment when Bounty Hunter was caught alone in the jungle and killed which resulted in the Radiant side losing bottom and top baracks. After all, they just could not prevent the Dire side from winning. While Queen Of Pain made a rather big investment getting the Divine Rapier, it still was not enough to turn the tides.

To both teams: this was a fantastic game!

Sweden Carl-Philip 'strangby' Strängby (Captain)
Sweden Alexander 'alx' Blomberg
Sweden Tobias 'eresloco' Everhorn
Sweden Christopher 'Dirichlet' Wåhlin
Sweden Mattias 'boom' Jonsson

Kazakhstan Andrey 'eQual' Railyan (Captain)
Kazakhstan Yernar 'Mantis' Urazbayev
Kazakhstan Daniyar 'LuCky' Kassenbayev
Kazakhstan Roman 'StOrm' Khaziakhmetov

4FC vs NEXT.kz, Grand Finals



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