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GosuLeague Qualifier #4


We're almost halfway there. Hosted by GosuGamers with partners Twitch.TV, Sapphire and Roccat, the fourth qualifier for season one of GosuLeague will hit the stands at 16:00 CET tonight with a pool of 32 teams - winner takes all.

In a stunning upset last weekend, Team Infused took our third league spot after a convincing 1-0 victory over American powerhouse Complexity Gaming. Infused's Mini later spoke with GosuGamers about the qualifiers and their anticipation of the main tournament in May (see).

Tonight, expect to see a battle for a spot in the league between top CIS teams NEXT.kz and Empire. Familiar name Pain will also be returning for yet another attempt at earning their slot in GosuLeague.

Teams are required to check in before the start of the tournament at 16:00 CET and they can do so as early as two hours before the tournament begins, but no later. Participating teams should also have at least one representative on IRC (Channel: #gosuleague) with their team-tags as their nickname.

For the rest of us looking to enjoy high quality games tonight, be sure to head on down to our official live stream provided by inhouse caster Kevin 'Purge' Godec..

Meanwhile, registrations for our fifth qualifier will open in five hours time starting at 18:00 CET. Refer to the following link for more information.

NEXT.kz take out 4FC after a 60-minute thriller of a game and the Kazakhstan team will successfully advance on to the league in May.

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