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Details on ASUS Open 2012: Spring with two wildcards

Details around ASUS Open 2012 was revealed yesterday. The grand final will see a prize pool of 440,000 rubles (~€11,450 EUR), and teams will have four opportunities to qualify for it.

As reported two months ago, the 2012 season for ASUS will be played out online except for the grand final. Yesterday, the registration for the spring edition opened up, which will grant two wildcards to the grand final as well as a prize pool of 90,000 rubles (~€2,300 EUR).

The cup, which is set to start on April 23, is open to 512 teams.

The grand final of the ASUS Open 2012, labeled "Final Battle of the Year", will be held in November at the Kiev Esports Arena where 12 teams will go at it over 440,000 rubles (~€11,450 EUR).

The summer and autumn cup will, just as the spring cup, feature two wildcards each for the grand final. The organization has also revealed that a LAN in Kiev will grand the last three wildcards for the event. To fill up the grand final to a total of 12 teams, three more teams will be getting a direct invitation.

To have a go at the two spots and the prize pool, make sure to sign up now as 394 teams have signed up already.

ASUS Open Spring 2012
1. 40 000 rubles, wildcard to grand final, 5 х Corsair Vengeance K90
2. 25 000 rubles, wildard to the grand final + 5 х Corsair Vengeance M90
3. 15 000 rubles
4. 10 000 rubles

Source: ASUSOpen.com

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