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Mini: 'We will show no mercy!'

Fishbone, Doni, Mini, Reesion, Wagamama

After taking out arguably the favorites to win the qualifier, Team Infused's 1-0 victory over Complexity Gaming last night earned them the third spot in the premier edition of GosuLeague. Speaking up on behalf of the team in an exclusive sit down with GosuGamers is Hampus 'Mini' Olsson.

Congratulations on your win last night. Why don't you start by telling us abit about your team?
-"Thanks! *smiles* Infused is a full Swedish team trying to get to the top. We have been playing since DotA and we are having lots of fun playing Dota 2 as well!"

How long have you guys been together? Do you know each other in real life?
-"Waga, reesion and I have known each other for about three to four years now, while our full lineup played for half a year. We all know each other in real life very well and are trying to meet up as often as possible!"

Ah, so I guess that explains this picture?
-"Haha! This is Waga and I taking a bath in a fountain. *winks* No comment."

Alright, on to last night's qualifier - how do you feel having secured a place in the playoffs of GosuLeague? What are you goals for this tournament?
-"It was a big relief securing a spot for the playoffs after playing for eight straight hours. Our goal is simple - win!"

Have you played our two qualified teams yet (Captain Planet and Mousesports)? What are your thoughts about going up against them in May?
-"We have played against Mousesports many times and they are a really great team. We haven't had the chance to play Captain Planet yet but from what I have seen, they are also another great team. I feel good playing against them and we will show no mercy!"

GosuLeague Qualifier III

Sweden InfsUnited States coL
leshrac riki dark seer
invoker lycanthrope anti mage
beastmaster queen of pain
mirana slardar
natures prophet enigma sandking
chen tidehunter storm spirit
morphling lion
windrunner sven
enigma Mini (Jungle)
natures prophet Wagamama (Top)
sandking EGM (Mid)
morphling Reesion (Bot)
lion Whey80 (Bot)
chen FLUFF (Jungle)
storm spirit Jeyo (Mid)
sven TC (Top)
windrunner HANNAH_MONTANA (Bot)
tidehunter ixmike88 (Top)

Yes, your team already took out a strong American team (Complexity) in the finals yesterday. That game could have been considered to be a one-sided victory. Did you expect the game to turn out like that from the minute the picks were done? What went right for your team (or what went wrong for complexity)?
-"We were very confident with our picks and it turned out to be a fast victory, even though we had very good late game as well. Complexity seemed to have a special strategy but it didn't work out that well. I also wanna mention Complexity played with high ping, which gave us the upper hand - huge respect to them not whining about it."

Was that special strategy concerning the Sven pick? How do you think that affected the game?
-"Yes, the Sven pick was really interesting but he wasn't so useful against our picks so I think they should have picked another hero."

At five minutes into the game, we saw your enigma manage an amazing triple kill that put your team 5-1 ahead. Our casters purge and charms even mentioned later that that was the turning point for the game right there. What was running through your mind after that and how did it affect your team's morale and decisions in game?
-"The triple kill was great for us and gave me a fast Mekansm. It made it much easier to push towers and win the big fights!"

Alright, I now have a couple of short fun questions for you to answer. First one: favorite Swedish player? (you can't mention yourself)
-"CLG.Smulgullig! <3"

Pushing or ganking?
-"Ganking. *grins*"

If you could have one hero spell as your superpower in real life, what would it be?
-"Furion's Teleport. *smiles*"

Nice choice. Blink Dagger or Force Staff?

We're done. Thanks for your time! Any final shoutouts?
-"Thanks for the interview. *smiles* Shoutout to all our fans, our manager r3dmagik and our great sponsors!"

Sweden Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström (Captain)
Sweden Hampus 'Mini' Olsson
Sweden Jerry 'Doney' Lundkvist
Sweden David 'Reesion' Jansson
Sweden Olle 'Fishbone' Sjöland Thulin

Infused vs Complexity, Grand Finals


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