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Xiao8: 'More love for Chaos Knight and Brewmaster!'

Xiao8 with LGD at SMM 2011

As one of the bigger Chinese teams that have yet to participate in Dota 2 competitions, LGD are now looking to claim their stake in Dota 2. LGD's Xiao8 expresses what he feels are his team's plans for the game as well as the current scene in China in an exclusive interview with Dota Commentaries.

Are we going to see LGD participating in Dota2 tournaments like DK, CLC and WE?
-"Recently, we may have not been training in Dota 2. This is because of the domestic region in which we have to play more of DotA games. Usually, when we do not have to do DotA training, we find time to play Dota 2."

We have known for a while that the second International is going to take place in Seattle. Do you wish to participate this year?
-"We attach great importance to the next International and would love to take part in this tournament. You will have to prepare several months before for this competition training. This is a very nice game."

The Chinese teams have only been playing DotA whereas the European teams shifted completely to Dota 2 after the International. How do you think your team will compete since clearly the European teams have a lead on Dota 2?
-"The European Dota 2 teams are indeed better than the leading Chinese teams Because of this, we will have to more efforts into the training we do every day."

From my previous interview with 357, he said Dota 2 cannot be played the same way as DotA. What do you think about this? Do you have any different opinion?
-"The two games are different, but it also has similarities in some of the places. I think if your DotA tactics are strong, you can do well in Dota 2 as well."

The complete interview may be found at this link. Previous interviews were also done with PCT and 357 of EHOME fame.

Dota Commentaries - Original Interview

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