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PaisY: 'We went through the grid convincingly'


In the second qualifier for GosuLeague, team mousesports managed to beat team Greedy Rainbow Bunnies in the final and qualify for the full round of GosuLeague. After the final, Florian 'PaisY' Schmedes, team manager of mouz, answered some questions about mouz's performance in the two qualifier tournaments.

Which team was your strongest opponent in the GosuLeague Qualifier II?

The toughest match was probably the first against Prior. The game was pretty even in the beginning and lasted a bit longer. In the following rounds the games were all decided pretty fast. Those were games of 20 to 25 minutes in which we gained a large advantage early on and we just had to finish it appropriately. We won those games clearly.

Did you adapt your strategies of today to these seemingly weaker enemies?

We never underestimate our enemies. Normally we really don’t do that. Nonetheless, we played very aggressively, we love that kind of playstyle and we are well known for our gank-heavy play. In this tournament though, we played very push-heavy. We included heroes like Lesh’rac, Broodmother and often Venomancer and pushed the towers. Because of that we gained large benefits in gold and used that advantage to win the games.

Last Saturday you lost in an early round agains Team EnRo. What went wrong?

I don’t want to search for excuses, but the week before that our Finns were on LAN, they even streamed part of that. The tournament was on Saturday and they were going out on Friday night and partied. Accordingly, they were back at home very late, or let’s better say very early on Saturday. That’s why they were out of sorts. The team couldn't train in that week and the whole team played unfocused. It was an upset to get eliminated that early. EnRo played well, of course, that is a talented team. Nonetheless we beat ourselves in the end.

Next Saturday the field will be expanded to 64 teams. Are you happy, you qualified now when it was a field of 32 teams still?

Yes, we are very happy about that. This was five games in a row now, that is pretty exhausting overall. You see that with every round extra you play. In the end you lose concentration, more and more. You play less concentrated, because you are exhausted. Today, we didn’t have that problem, luckily. With 64 teams the participants will be stronger, because more top teams will check in. Today, only few teams participated. This meant we had a lot of grid luck. Nonetheless, we played well and went through the grid very convincingly, just as I expected.

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On Saturday, the first team which qualified for GosuLeague’s main round was Captain Planet. How do you rate your team compared to Captain Planet?

We didn’t see much of Captain Planet as of yet, to be honest. Of course, the names of the players are well know, but the team never appeared in any competition except the qualifer on Saturday and the showmatch against World Elite. That showmatch can’t be graded, though, because you can’t evaluate the Chinese up to now in Dota 2. According to names, they players are very strong, but I can’t judge their skill at the moment. For now, I would rate ourselves above them, anyhow. If only because we have a little bit more experience in Dota 2.

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