TongFu preps for Dota 2 with Hao, Mu and SanSheng

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 28 March 2012 12:25

Close followers of the Chinese scene would have noticed more and more teams opening up to Dota 2 in recent weeks. Now, it looks like another Chinese team may soon enter the fray - TongFu, with the addition of Panda players Hao, Mu and SanSheng.

While Nada eventually settled back in PanDa, it seemed Hao, Mu and SanSheng had already decided to leave the team to join TongFu. Meanwhile, players 121 and Molu leave TongFu to make way for the new arrivals.

In an earlier interview with TongFu's Lamn, the Chinese player had much to say about his place in his new team (TongFu). However, the spotlight should fall on one particular question where he spoke about his team's foray into Dota 2:

China Lamn

You were part of EHOME's roster last year when they took part in The International. What do you think about the game? Do you think Chinese teams will soon transition to Dota 2? What about TongFu?
-"Dota 2 is a very strong eSports title and it contains many of the elements or much of what can be found in DotA. I think many Chinese teams will eventually get involved in Dota 2.

At the moment, our team is closely monitoring the situation."

From recent performances, the Chinese evidently have a long way to go before they catch up with the rest. Yet, the addition of more Chinese players into the Dota 2 player pool can only spell quicker development and improvement of the scene.

Hopefully, the Chinese will present a much larger threat to the European community than they currently do come The International 2.


(28th March)
An update to PanDa's official Microblog account (see) stated that the team will go out in full force as five to participate in the Nvidia Gaming Festival. This disregards the announcement that Hao, Mu and SanSheng would be leaving PanDa, at least until after NGF.

(14th April)
The TongFu organisation has just released their latest statement settling once and for all the official transfer of the three players Hao, SanSheng and Mu (see). Their roster is now as such:

China Lamn (Captain)
China Kabu
China Hao
China MU
China Sansheng
China 121

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