Pinoys versus Orange!

Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 25 March 2012 09:12

GosuGamers went around Mineski Infinity asking admins and players one question. See what the Pinoys think of the crowd favorite Orange.DotA.

What are the chances for Pinoys vs Orange on LAN?

Philippines Irymarc 'TryQ' Gutierrez - Managing Director of MSI Evolution Gaming Team
-"I think its a 100% win, we have the home court advantage this time."

Philippines Calvin 'TheBloodyMassacre' Callangan - Renowned DotA video editor
-"It's 7/10 for me."

Philippines Judes 'Arkanthiel' Lopez - Mineski Coverage Department Manager
-"Pinoys are DotA 1 addicted at the moment, but I think its 60 to 40 in favor of Orange.DotA."

Philippines Justin 'BigDogJ' Alm - Ledion.Dreamz Manager
-"70/30 In favor of Pinoys, since there are more pinoy teams."

Philippines Julius 'JuLz' Deleon - Mineski Infinity Main Carry
-"Hmmm, 70/30 in favor of Pinoys."

Philippines Kimuel 'LeumiK/Kimo' Barrodis - MSI Evolution GT.DotA Captain
-"If our team will go against them, I think its 70/30 in favor of us, but for some other teams, it would be 50/50"

Philippines Joshua 'Owey' Dela Cruz - Ledion.Dreamz Carry Player
-"Believe in the power of Bottle + Crow!"

Philippines Bong 'Bongertz' Silva - Former player of Mineski Grounds
-"I think Orange will advance in some games, but will never win."

Malaysia Winter 'Winter' Chan - Orange.DotA Drafter
-"I guess we are the underdogs in this tournament, Pinoys have been performing well in the past events and specially in GEST, we didn't even surpass the groupstage. But we will be doing our best."

All will be revealed in only minutes from now when the first group stage match of GMPGL 4-3 Class S goes live at 09:30 CET. Tune in for a livestream provided by the organisers at

Mineski Infinity will take on iZONE125 in the first match to be streamed live on MineskiTV. Click here to place your bets.

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