FnaticRC parts way with Serbian Dota 2 Team

General Calvin “Jaywalker” C
After sponsoring the Serbians since ESWC 2011, Serbia FnaticRC was one of the earliest pro-gaming organization to sign a Dota 2 team. However, despite continued support from Fnatic, the Serbians were unable to truly have breakthrough performances, with their best performance at DreamHack where they lost to the eventual Europe mTw team in the finals.

Fnatic has also hosted the RaidCall Cup, and despite being the hosts the team fell in the quarter finals, losing to Absolute Legends. Some of the reasons of Fnatic's struggles could be their persistence in securing a late game carry. With the shift of meta game favoring early and mid game dominance, heroes such as Anti-Mage, Spectre and Lifestealer were becoming less viable, but the Serbians always favored having a late game carry. With a predictable style of playing, opponents were able to read their game and finish games during the early/mid stages.

Danijel "StreeT" Remus, general manager at FnaticRC gave the following official statement:

On behalf of our management team, I would like to thank the players for being loyal, cooperative, mannered and for a great relationship with our organization. We are always looking to support young and talented teams which is exactly what we have proven in this case, but it's time for both of us to continue in different directions. This however, does not mean that we will not support Dota 2 anymore, and news about our new squad will come soon. Thanks to everyone for support, especially our sponsors RaidCall, MSI, SteelSeries, Eizo and Gunnar Optiks for helping FnaticRaidCall at top.

There are rumors of Fnatic's HoN team switching over, but nothing is confirmed. One thing is for sure is that FnaticRC will continue their support in Dota 2, and the community will see them pick up a new team to challenge for the top.

Ex-FnaticRC roster:
Serbia Marko 'BAJA-' Jovanovic
Serbia Nenad 'grizine' Lukic
Serbia Gordan 'g0g1' Prosic
Croatia Damir 'Mitch' Skaricic
Serbia Viktor 'Buktop' Knezevic
Serbia Andreja 'ANdre' Mahovic

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