Gigabyte Gest DotA Cup 2012 offers $30,000 in cash

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Just as the European and the South East Asian side slowly prepares to shift over to Dota 2, Gigabyte is proud to announce a $30,000 prize pool for a year-long tournament which will be held from February 2012 to January 2013.

Gigabyte DotA Cup 2012
List Of Invited Teams
Thailand MitH.TrustPhilippines Mski.PColorSingapore MYMVietnam Skynet
Thailand NeolutionPhilippines XctNSingapore AeonVietnam StarsBoba
Thailand iDealPhilippines iZONE125Indonesia VelocyMalaysia Orange
Brunei RedSpadeMyanmar G7Indonesia eNcyMalaysia Kingsurf.JJ

For the first time ever, fifteen teams from seven countries will compete for $2,500 each month in this brand new online league running till January next year. As it is an invitationals only, fans can certainly expect the creme de la creme of DotA fighting it out for your viewing pleasure.

More details will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned as the Gigabyte Gest International DotA Cup 2012 take the stands this February.

Update: (20/1)

Invited team list has been confirmed and updated on the table. More details will follow as to the confirmed participation of the aforementioned teams.

Prizes: (to be paid out monthly)
1st Place: $1,500 USD
2nd Place: $700 USD
3rd Place: $300 USD

All matches will be played on a new platform by and additionally, you can expect tournament matches to be streamed live by GosuGamers' very own David "GoDz" Parker at the tournament's official stream link here.

The first day of competition will commence on February 11 and run till February 12.

Gigabyte International - Official Announcement