TLO: 'All of us need to think back to SC:BW more often'

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Liquid' terran player and community favorite Dario "TLO" Wünsch did a final 2011 blog on the verge of the new year. Dario shares the emotions and vicissitudes that marked his year 2011 and talks about the future that he wishes for.

Dario begins his blogpost with a look back to where he began and how did he end up being one of the most popular eSports figures. TLO talks about his big personal change from being a passive person to being determined and involved with his passion.

- "StarCraft 2 has been so much more than just a game to me; it changed my life. Ever since I was small boy I dreamed of being famous, becoming rich or a smart scientist or something. I know it sounds very silly and lame but I actually did."

TLO's fans will be also in delight to learn that the innovative terran is looking to the East, to South Korea. Dario is looking forward to visit the Mecca of eSports in the next three or four months and particularly to live and train with fellow terran and team-mate Liquid'Jinro so they can "push each other [their] very limits".

Dario also mentions one of his idols - BroodWar bonjwa Flash, and gives him as an example as what will and passion can do for you and how reaching perfection should be everyone's sole goal. Furthermore, Dario talks just a bit about the lessons that BroodWar has in store for the SC2 players.

- "All of us need to think back to SC:BW more often. There are lessons to be learned and things we forgot. We have so much knowledge there—let’s skip through the medieval times of StarCraft 2 and jump straight from antique to Renaissance."

In conclusion, TLO ends with a promise to his fans that he will never stop giving his very best and to again be the player that delivers promising results.

You can read the full blog of Dario at by following the link below.

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