DotA Talk: Final blowout

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Missed our final episode of DotA Talk? Then make sure you catch up on this week's VoD. Special guest, Demon from Evil Geniuses, made a big reveal on the show.

Our final blowout consisted of guests from various teams that are participating in the up and coming SMM Grand National DotA Tournament.

Guests that we had on include ,Xtermist, manager of Aeon.SG who gave us valuable insight on the team but left out their full roster, preferring to have their last player be a surprise to everyone.

Next up we had jtan representing Mineski and the Philippine DotA community as a whole talking to us about the two Philippine representative Mineski.Infinity and Exacration.

Third guest is TooFuckingGood from MUFC who recently won the ROCCAT GosuCup #4. The team is really confident for the event, so be sure to check out his segment.

Kimchi from one of the most famous female team, PMS|Asterisk joins us after that. Interesting insights were given from her regarding the new PMS team and their desire to play a showmatch against the all-female Malaysian team.

An unannounced and unplanned guest comes on the show as our last guest for the SMM segment, Demon from Evil Geniuses. He teases to the fans on who their fifth player is seeing as Playmate unable to attend SMM. A player that has played or playing for Nirvana.CN and a carry player. What are your guesses? Demon also talked about the team's recent performance and their predictions of tournament.

After our SMM segment, we moved on to Dreamhack where Tjernobylbarnet came on and talked about his experience at Dreamhack and how the Dota 2 tournament went.

A great episode to cap off our show so watch the VoD below!

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