Invictus Gaming is down to five

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
Faith, Chuan, YYF, Zhou, 430

With discussions going on as to who would make the final cut for Invictus Gaming's merged team (see), an official announcement was made by the organization this afternoon presenting the final five - they are Zhou, YYF, 430, Chuan and Faith.

It has been a tense week for DotA followers the past week as they eagerly anticipated the final five. It turns out that the team is already well on its way, having reached a consensus and distributed its roles for its respective players.

Unfortunately, leaving us would be the five players - Awoke, Ch, 830, SanSheng and benz - who have all arguably held less prominent roles within their original teams.

But there you have it - the five players who will represent iG at this year's SMM. The question now would be, can they stop DK from taking the title?

China Zhou (Hard Carry)
China 430 (Solo Mid)
China YYF (Long Lane)
Malaysia ChuaN (Ganker/Initiator)
China Faith (Support)

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