LGD attends SMM 2011

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
LGD playing Nirvana.cn at G-League.

Earlier this week, it was reported that China would only field four teams to participate at this year's SMM, the final major DotA tournament before the new year and arguably the last. However, it seems an additional slot has opened up for LGD, who will take to Malaysian soil once again this December 2nd to 4th.

LGD's RuRu expressed on MicroBlog that the team had gotten confirmation on their slot at this year's event and that they will return being champions of the tournament back in 2009. EHOME will remain a no-show.

With LGD taking two convincing victories over Nirvana.cn a few days ago, it looks like Sylar is all set to reclaim the SMM title for LGD after they lost it last year.

Regretfully, ZSMJ will, for the first time in years, not make an appearance at SMM. Nonetheless, along with DK, PanDa, iG and Nirvana.cn, China's strongest five will certainly make a splash at the tournament, where the Chinese have held a stranglehold on podium finishes for three consecutive years.

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